Trouble-Plauged Fiango Market Traders To Vote New Executive After COVID-19

It has been revealed that, elections into the Executive of the Fiango Market Traders’ Association in Kumba, South West region  shall be

The revelation was made  August 15, by the incumbent President of the traders’ association, Dr Samuel Njameleki Nloin. It was , after a deliberative  executive meeting of the association  that held at the Station neighbourhood in kumba.

The executive meeting followed recent activities in the market especially the sealing of stores and shops in the Fiango market by authorities of the Kumba City Council every Monday for respecting ‘Ghost Town’.

Speaking to the Press shortly after the in-camera meeting, Dr Njameleki , said the mandate of the present Executive of the market has come to an end. He argued that, lections cannot be conducted due to measures put in place by the government  to combat COVID-19.

He made it clear that because of the number of people in a gathering is limited to fifty, the elections could not go on since the Fiango market harbours thousands of traders.

Njameleki, who has declared that he would not go in for another mandate said, he has to prepare an election body to organize and supervise the elections when the time comes after the COVID-19 pandemic.He promised to ensure that, elections are held in a peaceful atmosphere.


Talking about the sealing of stores and shops every Monday for respecting separatist-imposed  ghost town, Njameleki  market made it known that, the decision emanated from a municipal deliberation of  the city council. He declared that, he has no hand in it contrary to what detractors are spreading to traders.

The market  president enjoined the traders of the Fiango market to open their stores and shops every Monday for there is no way the City Mayor will not execute the deliberations to seal, which have become laws.

Presiden Njameleki  has therefore shifted the blame put on him by the traders to the kumba City Council for the sealing of their business places.

Worthy of note is that, the Kumba City Council has not only sealed stores and shops in the Fiango Market but as well as in the Kumba Main Market and other business placesfor respecting the civil disobedience.

The City Mayor,Victor Ngoh Nkelle, stated that, he would not relent efforts to seal every Monday any business place that fails to open.

He is carrying out the operation in collaboration with the Mayors of the sub divisional councils of kumba I, II and III under the supervision of the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong.

Story, Prince Oben

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