Anglophone Crisis: Women, Youth Expose US Gov’t’s ‘Hypocrisy’

A crowd of at least 1000 persons comprising women and youths stormed the American Embassy in Yaounde, Wednesday August 19 demanding, protesting over its hosting of separatists activists responsible for the chaos in North West and South West regions.
The women and youth braved the odds and marched to the embassy with messages demanding an end to separatists’ maiming, killings and kidnappings of innocent civilians.
Organisers told reporters that it is mind disturbing that America which prides itself as an angel of human rights protection was rather protecting perpetrators of atrocities in the two English-Speaking regions. Protesters came from the two English speaking regions of the country.

According to a representative of the group. Indomitable Patriots, Njoka Yvonne, they are determined to squeeze out justice from the US government. Municipal Updates captured her reaction after the protest. It is a revealing exchange. Read on….

Why the protest march at the US embassy in Yaounde?

It is a continuation of relentless efforts by patriotic Cameroonians, to put an end to ambazonia terrorist activities which are destroying the lives and livelihoods of Cameroonians spearheaded by Cameroonian- born terrorists, residing in America . We have been toiling over the past few years, making lawsuits against them, blocking their funding and accounts. Every fibre of the lives of Cameroonians of the North West and South West regions has been totally disrupted if not destroyed on orders from American-based terrorists. Schools have been burnt down, teachers beheaded, women raped and slaughtered by ambazonian terrorists. It pains us double when we see these criminals direct killings celebrating with American Bourbon and roasted crustaceans. The atrocities committed on innocent and vulnerable people like women is really painful. It’s not just enough, it’s more than enough.
Our message clearly targets American-based Cameroon-born terrorists and we want to keep our message pure and it’s recipient, unique. Cameroonian patriots are not people who speak with both sides of the mouth. Our position is unequivocal. We are against ambazonian terrorism.

Why the US Embassy and what is this organisation all about?

The United States of America is host to the greatest number of Cameroon-born terrorists who are responsible for gross human rights abuses and pure terrorism. We are calling on the American government to act like” a friendly country” . We are saying that America should be a friend indeed. Cameroon needs America to facilitate its fight against American-based Cameroon-born terrorists. It’s only in America that the ambazonian terrorist group is registered as an NGO. I could go on to give at least 2000 American-based terrorists. This list includes ambazonian fake news agents, activists, funders, arm dealers, warmongers and ambazonian terrorists ,amongst others. We have furnished America with more than enough proof , more than enough lawsuits. I think that your question should be rephrased.. What more does America want ?

Our group is actually a synergy of all Cameroonian patriots at home and abroad. We have decided to stand for Cameroon no matter what. We don’t have or crave double nationality. We are very proud to be Cameroonians everywhere we go. We shall always respect, love and defend Cameroon, it’s institutions and territorial integrity.

Are these atrocities committed by amba boys under the influence of these foreign based separatists?

The terrorists leaders and commanders based in America have forcefully imposed no school in the North West and South West regions for more than three years now. A student was killed recently for taking her G.C.E exam. Ambazonians brand, lie about ,intimidate, kidnap and kill anyone who doesn’t support them. They extract fake confessions from their victims under duress. They even cook and ritually eat the flesh of their victims. They cut up victims alive. Their vile killing methods make Jihady John look like a saint. Hitler’s gas chambers were a more humane killing method compared to ambazonian terrorists. Tataw Eric has ordered the cutting up of fingers and limbs of Cameroonians from his comfortable abode in America. Verla Frankline has promised that any ambazonian militia fighter who cuts and presents the head of a CPDM militant to him will automatically be rewarded with the rank of General in the their militia. The list is long. It’s really more than enough.

People say you’re sponsored by the government to stage such protests?
That’s very normal and won’t disturb or stop us. Most of the people saying it was state sponsored became civil servants, abandoned their jobs here, continue to fraudulently collect salary from the state of Cameroon use the unmerited salary to fund fake news and to fund ambazonian terrorism from abroad. If such an unworthy cause like ambazonian terrorism can find funders, why would a worthy cause like ours not have funding? Cameroonians of goodwill are still their brother’s keepers and not their brother’s killer like our erring brothers abroad. We help and support each other even financially. From the blank school year lie, the Foley Hoag lawsuit scam and lies, the Atanga Nji boys fable and other fake news, I personally concluded that we are dealing with 20 lies a day republic of ambazonian beheaders and cannibals. They have perfected lying to an art form. We would proudly and happily receive state funding if it comes because ours is a worthy cause . We would also like to use this opportunity to thank all Cameroonians of goodwill who fund our patriotic efforts all the time.

What key messages did you send a across during your protest?

Condemning the atrocities is good. Stopping the terrorists leaders residing in America is best. As a friendly country, send back those who are killing our sons and daughters. Stop the funding of ambazonian terrorism from America. The definition of a terrorist, as well as the actions of a terrorist, haven’t changed. We really stressed on the above messages but we had many messages.

How preoccupied is your group following the recent spate of attacks on women and children in the North West and South West regions?

We are shaken to the core, we are enraged, we are mourning , we are sad and we are taking concrete steps to end the atrocities. We have debated and decided to carry out many ground actions. The one today is just one of them and we hope to obtain palpable results in the near future. Many things are in the pipeline.

What’s your call to women and youths pressing for foreign governments to bring perpetrators of violence in the North West and South West regions to book?

Let’s all rise and do something for victims of terrorism especially women and children and vulnerable people .Lets stop the hypocrisy. Let’s overcome fear and intimidation. Speaking from both sides of the mouth or playing games won’t help anyone. The terrorists must be stopped.
Any last word?

I would like to say that in life we make choices. I have made my choice and I stand by it. I was born a Cameroonian, I will live a Cameroonian and I will die Cameroonian. I won’t ever be untrue to my country. Cameroon is under terrorist attacks from our wicked brothers. Some people have become fence sitters while some swing from one position to another like Galileo’ s pendulum. I am calling on everyone who reads me to stand with Cameroon because it’s the only country that we have. When you destroy it, you are the loser. Ask not what Cameroon has done for you but ask yourself what you have done for Cameroon especially during this time. Overcome intimidation and fear. Stop speaking or acting for populism. Complacent silence and fake neutrality will not help us out of this crisis. I am not one of the “both sides” choristers. Some people keep asking me to fight other fights. I have chosen my fight and I remain focused amid the cacophony. Come with may, I stand with Cameroon. Before you harm Cameroon, you will face me and other patriotic Cameroonians. I have only one country, one flag ,one anthem and one President. Thank you, and in the words of the Right Honourable Patricia Scotland, “God bless Cameroon”.

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