Breaking news: Biya Appoints Chief Fritz Gerald Nasako New Board Member of SNH

Chief Fritz Gerald Nasako, 58, is new board member of the National Hydrocarbons Corporation known by its French acronym as SNH.
Chief Nasako who hails from the Oroko clan in NDIAN Division of the South West Region recently retired as Secretary General in the Ministry of Public Contracts.

Who is Chief Fritz?

Chief Fritz Gerald was born on February 20, 1962 in Lobe, Ekondo Titi Sub-division in the South West Region of Cameroon. Fritz Gerald Nasako obtained his Advanced Level Certificate in 1980. He then proceeded to the University of Yaounde where he enrolled in the Faculty of Law and Economic Science and graduated in 1985 with a Master’s Degree (DEA). He then enrolled into ENAM where he did Civil Administration with specialisation in Economic Finance.
He has had experienced professional career in different ministerial departments where he occupied various positions. He was pioneer Secretary General in the Ministry of Mines, Water and Energy and later Water and Energy. on December 22, 2015, he was appointed Secretary General of public contracts. Before his appointment at MINMAP, he was Secretary General of the Ministry of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure.


Story, Tabi Paul

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