COVID-19 Fight: Hold My Hand Association Donates To PMI-Nkwen Hospital

The Hold My Hand Association Friday August 14, handed over to the PMI Hospital in Nkwen- Bamenda III Subdivision, Mezam division of the North West region, hygiene and sanitation materials to contain COVID-19.

The association also handed over environmental friendly trees that would be planted to beautify the hospital premises.

Cleanliness they say leads to godliness, with the advent of the health crisis faced by the North West region and beyond, hygiene and sanitation haven’t been identified as one of the means through which the virus continues to breath in communities, the association said it came in to assist.

The donors said, focus is  on improving care given to patients in  dire need for constant hygiene and sanitation so as to ensure  people don’t visit the health facility and contract a  disease.

It is for that reason and more which the Non-governmental Organization, NGO,  Hold my Hand paid a visit to the PMI Hospital classified by many patients as second best in the region after the regional hospital Bamenda to attempt to relieve the hospital management from shifting its resources meant for giving care to their patients to taking care of hygiene and sanitation.

The PMI hospital which has been fighting tooth and nail to keep its environment neat  to win the hearts and admiration of inhabitants of the Bamenda III Subdivision and beyond has been empowered to do more as concerns their hygiene and sanitation of the hospital.


While presenting a speech to the director of the hospital, the founder and president of Hold My Hand Association, Fotung Christian lauded the director of the hospital for the sacrifice put in to serve hundreds of people who come for assistance.

Fotung went ahead to appreciate the director and staff of the hospital for their sense of patriotism and humanitarian services to human beings saying that, “it is because you put people first that everyone, patient or non-patients who visit this hospital leave with a good impression. We now have renovated infrastructures, a clean yard and beautiful environment. The nurses and doctors have become more friendly and hospitable. Other service providers here now put themselves at the reach of the public and corruption, tribalism, nepotism and favoritism is gradually moving away from PMI Nkwen”.

He further said, “the professionalism and confidentiality seen in the laboratory, the blood bank, the customers service and many are just some of the things that makes patients want to come to the hospital.” While calling on the director to forge ahead with the good strides, the CEO of Hold My Hand made it known t that aside the materials handed, they were on a mission to do public advocacy for the upkeep of the hospital.

The NGO challenged other public groups, associations, companies and NGOs to contribute financially, materially and morally for the continuous upkeep of PMI Nkwen taking into consideration that the subdivision harbors hundreds of Internally Displaced Persons.

Fotung made it clear to the director of PMI that Hold my Hand was ready to partner with the services of the hospital to see it succeed and gain its desired reputation.

They vouched their support for the hospital in its efforts to promote good governance, hard work and selfless services to patients towards ensuring the hospital environment is conducive and friendly for all and sundry.

Receiving the sanitary tools on behalf of the director of the PMI hospital, the general supervisor  Abang Theresa applauded the gesture from Hold my Hand association.

Considering the fact that the hospital is not only meant for those who are sick as people also come for counseling, visiting and as well resting, the general supervisor acknowledged that the environment must be clean to receive all sort of people in the hospital.

“Hygiene and sanitation is a whole unit of its own in the hospital that renders the hospital very clean and helps in preventing some infections while in the hospital. If the hospital is not clean then we are doing nothing in the hospital because someone will leave his/her house not even sick and come to the hospital and get infected, “ Abang stated.

She said,” what Hold my Hand has done is just what the society needs to keep the environment neat because just a clean environment takes away diseases, viruses, gems and keeps one healthy.”

She urged  Hold my Hand association to continue to provide hygiene and sanitation to many other health institutions.

The materials distributed for sanitary use at PMI Nkwen consisted of rags, spades, buckets, brooms, environment friendly trees, gloves amongst others. The humanitarian association Hold my Hand has as motto: “Together we make progress”.

By Peter Tasi

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