Five Arrested In Kumba Over Attempt On Girl’s Life

Some five hoodlums who hung a young girl in the Confidence Street neighbourhood in Fiango, Kumba, have been arrested and presented to the population.

They were presented by the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, at the Divisional Office Kumba.  The five were taken from the Kosala Gendarmerie Brigade and ferried to the crime scene at Confidence Street for an assimilation of their alleged crime.

At the crime scene, the hoodlums demonstrated and explained why and how they tied the lady on the tree. They told the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division that, the lady stole a cell phone belonging to one of them and decided to flogged her for her alleged crime.

The hoodlums were arrested by the forces of law and order after a video circulated on social media last week showing the gruesome act on the young girl.

The five hoodlums are: Nkongho Samuel 39; Teba Pride 24; Anzoh Ratex 23; Tangi Henry 30 and Nouke Romeo 17.

The act comes few days after another lady was gruesomely murdered in Muyuka which has revealed worldwide condemnation.

Presenting the hoodlums to the population, the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, said he would not tolerate what happened in Muyuka to repeat itself in kumba and Meme division as a whole. He advised all those who are terrorizing the population to drop theit arms and be taken to the DDR Centre or else they will be dealt with. Reports say, the victim whose name we got as Cindy is responding to treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Kumba.

The hoodlums involved an ex-convict, the oldest in the gang.


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