Prisons Buea FC President Says Club’s Ambition Is Playing Elite II Championship

The president of the Prisons Social Football Club of Buea, South West region, Ikome Williams Liffange, has  said, the team has ambition to play in the country’s  the Elite Two championship.

He made the declaration in a recent interview  granted the press. While  refuting claims by some denizens who refer to the giant club as a sleeping dog, he said the club remains a nursery for some of the best clubs and players for the country.

“We are in the regional league with prospects to grow. We want to ensure that come 2021, we shall be playing in the Elite Two. We have tested Elite One football and we know what it takes to go back there” Ikome said.

He faced sports  journalists after handing out some foodstuff as part of their support to their players to better cope with the difficulties brought about by the COVID-19

On the 13th August 2020, the Southwest Regional branch of the Cameroon Football Federation handed over COVID-19 support materials to the players. The gifts mostly foodstuff was handed over to almost all amateur club players in the region. The gift according to regional authorities was to help the players cope better with the challenging environment created by the virus.

Each team presented 20 players for the gifts according to FECAFOOT Southwest. However one of the recipients of the gifts Prisons Social Football Club decided to also share the same products that their players benefited from FECAFOOT with those who were not called by the football authority.

Thus the club management made available to the other 15 players and some executive members of the club the same benefits that the other 20 players invited by FECAFOOT benefitted.

“We thought that management should make it up for the other fifteen players who were not called by FECAFOOT. So we have provided the same items to the other players and to some executive members of the team,” the Club President said.

The implementation of the anti- COVID-19 measures in the country, with a cap on sporting activities has affected football like most sports in the region negatively. However, most players and club officials are of the opinion that it was a necessary step.

The president of the Prisons Social Club appreciated the leadership of FECAFOOT and FIFA for the gifts, especially as the football governing body in the country has promised that more assistance will be coming to the clubs in the days ahead.

“I am very happy with this gesture. We are grateful that they have provided these food items to us and there is a communique which was sent to us telling us that FIFA has given a package, which is on the way. We are very grateful to the management of FECAFOOT,” Ikome told journalists.