Regional Council Elections: Former Minister, Former Gov’t Delegate Clash Over Lobby For Presidency

The first ever regional council elections in Cameroon is expected to hold this November 2020. Preparations have reached fever pitch as aspiring regional councilors across the national territory have been mobilizing resources, organizing in-camera meetings.

Fireworks have also started as lobbying mechanisms have remained at work to see certain individuals  occupy some positions that will see the light of day with the coming of  the elections.

In the North West Region, of the more than 10 persons whom we have authoritatively gathered are eying to enter the regional council, one is a former Minister at the Presidency of the Republic and another is a former Government Delegate of the Bamenda City Council.

The former is said to be multiplying lobbying tactics to woo more support from the electoral college. It is reported that he has been spotted having secret meetings with those who matter in the North West region.

On his part, the former Government Delegate is still gathering momentum to make his potential electors know his ambition. He is still grappling with lobbying game.

Underground arrangements have taken the political terrain hostage across the country ahead of the first ever regional elections in Cameroon.  Political elite from other divisions of the region have vowed that none of these two would become pioneer regional council president.

It will be the first regional council election since 1996 when regions were created in Cameroon.

The president of the Republic will at his discretion announce the date of the pioneer regional council election soon.

According to Article 55, decentralized territorial communities of the republic are regions and councils. The law adds that they enjoy administrative and financial autonomy for the management of region- al and council interest.

The constitution defines their missions to include promotion of economic, social, sanitary educational, cultural and sports development. Every Regional Council headed by a President is supposed to reflect the sociological composition of every region.

Regional Councillors have a mandate of five years. Each region is entitled to 90 members; 70 delegates of divisions and 20 representatives of traditional rulers. The law further states that each subdivision shall provide at one councilor.

culled from MUN.

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