Senator Fon Lekunze Nembo III Wins Cameroon Performance Award

HRH Senator Lekunze Andreas Nembo III has been awarded the prestigious Cameroon Performance Award CPA for 2020. The award was handed to the senator  during a recent ceremony at his Yaounde residence.

The colourful event simultaneously took place alongside a meeting of the Intercultural Association of Chiefdoms in Cameroon.

Speaking during the event, HRH Senator Lekunze III of the Bamumbu, First Class Fondom in Lebialem division, the Southwest region said he was truly delighted to have been considered deserving of the Cameroon Performance Award.

He said “it is an indication that everything I do in life is being observed by the eyes that have the interest of the community and the nation at heart. Such an initiative would help push Cameroonians to do what they do better.”

Laying emphasis on performance and hard work was certainly the best way to change the narrative on the way things were done in Cameroon he said, further applauding the organising Committee of the Cameroon Performance Awards for taking out time to deliver his Award.

Addressing the Royal Highnesses from across the national triangle, Fon Lekunze Andreas Nembo III acknowledged that he is overwhelmed to have received his Award in the presence of traditional rulers  from across the nation and encouraged others to join the illustrious group.

The Intercultural Association of Chiefdoms in Cameroon he said was truly a reflection of the whole nation. The presence of the Chiefs at his residence in the nation’s capital actually meant the whole country was present.

A group that assembles chiefs from across the nation he said was truly a group that assembled Cameroon as a people with a cultural identity.

Also speaking during the occasion, Francis Ekongang Nzante, the Chairperson of the Organising Committee of the Cameroon Performance Awards CPA 2020 said the initiative was the brainchild of a group of Cameroonians both in Cameroon and in the Diaspora who are solely interested in bringing the notion of hard work and performance back into the mainstream.

The tendency to look for quick money using unconventional means he said was slowly gaining grounds while elucidating that: “The culture of hard work and the tendency to appreciate performance, good work and talent is gradually giving way to mediocrity and other concomitants such as corruption in almost every sector in the society.”


Nzante hopes that the CPA initiative would contribute in its own quota towards the transformation of mindset by showcasing and celebrating hard work and Performance in Cameroon and beyond.

By Peter Tasi

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