Cameroon’s Main Opposition Leader’s Take On NW, SW Reconstruction, Dev’t Plan

Erudite politician , John Fru Ndi, chairman of the Social  Democratic Front, SDF, recently made a rare outing,  rating  the Presidential  Plan  for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West regions, PPRD-NW/SW as a timely gesture  which Anglophones must support.

Fru Ndi’s thoughts on the PPRD-NW/SW    are part of his recent exchanges with separatists in the United States wherein he scolded them on their excesses, calling for an end t atrocities so that people  can live in peace in Cameroon.

The SDF leader declared that: “Reconstruction funds are not from Cameroon. They are international funds. And When you don’t take those to continue asking for more, then you might not have them.”

“They came up with this group for reconstruction. On the field they said people should not come out. Don’t receive them. The funds are not from Cameroon. They are international funds and when you don’t take those to continue asking for more then you might not have them,” the regime critic reiterated.

“Ambazonia leaders in the Diaspora have failed and they need to close ranks, come together, get coordinated because as it stands, Amba is a lost war they are fighting. I do not believe in war,” he furthered.

He questioned: “Why was it only Wirba that ran away from his responsibilities? Did Ojuku run? Did Mandela run? Did John Gerang of South Sudan run? Independence is not coming, People are being killed every day.”

As a sign of ingratitude to the Anglophone course, Fru Ndi told participants, mostly separatists that: “My problem still remains; Mme/Sir please can you bring sanity into what is happening. You have disgraced the Anglophone struggle by people only fighting for money. I feel very hurt because I expected that at the end of the meeting you will tell me that we have heard your points, we will get some of these people who are sponsoring people in Cameroon together. And then we see how we can work”.

Putting their own excesses before their faces, Fru Ndi questioned “How can you tell me that I should accept the abduction of the Archbishop of Bamenda. He was in the bush for two days. How do you want me to accept the abduction of the Bishop of Kumbo. The maltreatment of the Fon of Nso”.

He argued passionately why: “You are inviting me to a meeting with a fixed program and you want Fru Ndi to accept what we are saying. I didn’t come for you to accept what I am saying. I thought I was coming for us to have a meeting to put an end to certain things, but I am very disappointed that it is the same thing again. Fru Ndi you would have gotten out of parliament. You failed. You lost here, you lost there. Why can you be attacking me and you don’t want anybody else to attack you. But it is you the elitist people out here, who keep on  saying, Fru Ndi has accepted money. Fru Ndi has taken from Mr Biya. I think we are not yet certain to accept certain truths”.

“That you should accept that we should come together. You should bring your people together. Your people who are sponsoring camps in Cameroon like the Cho Ayabas, Boh Herberts and so on,” he continued.

Fru Ndi recalled “when I was kidnapped by the Amba boys, they sang their anthem and let me confess, they sang it so well but they cannot force that on me. They also force and tied their flag on me and took photos, but I told them to take it off. I am a Cameroonian, not an Ambazonian”.

Painting a picture   of the misery of separatists fighters, Fru Ndi  said: “I see these boys out on the field there. I feel sorry for them. They tell me that they have gone to take Odeshi and they can catch bullets. The way they are killing them, I am talking with tears in my eyes. Odeshi tells you that you should not wear shoes and children running through the bushes of the North West and South West with all the palm pricks pricking their feet”.

Despite his long stay in the US,  Fru Ndi frown at separatist who have opted to engage in manipulation  instead of engaging a human face to express their concerns.

“Have you ever called me.  Has any of you in this forum ever called me to say Fru Ndi you are here, can we sit down and talk. Chris Anu came and all he did was try to ridicule blackmail. Can we desist from this blackmail, ridiculing and all the like, sit down and talk out the issues on the table and talk about the Cameroon Anglophone problem? What is it that makes you think that you are more Anglophone than me,” he questioned.

Talking further,  the SDF founding  father retorted that: “There are people out there who follow your struggle. I hope your organization is out to stop this infighting. Because the infighting among the leaders out here is transferred to the field where the boys who are supposed to be fighting are now killing themselves more than Mr Biya’s army. You can try to blackmail that this boys were killed by Mr Biya’s army but there are lots of things that have been done by the boys they are not scolded and not directed,”

Foreseeing a bleak future for the so called struggle Fru Ndi said: “I am sorry and afraid that if we go this way, we will kill ourselves more. You the leadership, you have come out to fight Fru Ndi, he is here and I am still talking to you. Some of you here talk as if what you have done, nobody has ever done. You don’t know what other people have done. You think that by sitting and giving instructions and the boys are killing themselves on the field is anything good. How many of you have really come to Bamenda to see,”



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