Crisis In NW, SW: Murdered Aid Workers Honoured On World Humanitarian Day

The Community Initiative for Sustainable Development COMINSUD had on Wednesday August 19,2020 joined the international Community to commemorate the 11th edition of World Humanitarian Day under the theme ‘Real Life Heroes’.

World Humanitarian day is a day designated by the UN to celebrate humanitarian activists who go through think and thin to save humanity especially those in conflict and natural disasters just like the crisis rocking the NW/SW region’s which has dealt a big blow to humanitarian aid workers on the field. The day as instituted by the UN comes at a time when there have been wanton of killings and the infliction of pain on the civilians in the two English speaking regions of the country.

COMINSUD on this day brought to the fore as a reminder of what they stand for as per the core principles of humanitarians which are humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. As the global Community focused on paying tributes to aid workers on the front lines, COMINSUD paid special tributes to two of it’s humanitarian workers murdered as they were on the field to carry-on their duties, Pascal Ngwayi in November 2019 and Pastor Christopher Tanjoh the recent  case of August 7th 2020.  They all died serving humanity in their communities an act which COMINSUD cautioned the Perpetrators and warned them of such cases ever happening to humanitarian aid workers or civilians as the crisis in the region persists. During the brief ceremony to pay tributes to their fallen heroes, the COMINSUD staff led by it’s coordinator Fon Nsoh hailed the heroes for their relentless efforts in doing their work without fear or favour. Painting a picture of the day, the coordinator said it was a day for learning, recognition “COMINSUD as an intermediary organization has done alot with UNFPA under GBV, we have reached out to over 5000 with dignitary kits as well as foodstuffs.” Fon Nsoh said while cautioning that no humanitarian aid worker should ever come under attack by who soever and blames the killings of aid workers on ignorance.

While stressing that humanitarian work entails protecting civilians from torture, harassment, abusive arrest and killings. He made it clear that COMINSUD stands for a just and peaceful society with equality, inclusion, tolerance being their focus. He made a fervent call for all humanitarian aid workers to continue serving with the conviction of heart that protection comes from God.

Amidst the global pandemic, unprecedented needs and growing insecurity, aid workers and health care responders have been staying and delivering to the world’s most vulnerable people. Last year was the most violent as per reports for Humanitarians with 483 attacked, 125 killed, 234 wounded and 124 kidnapped as the UN condemned all the attacks on humanitarians around the globe.

Speaking during the occasion organized by COMINSUD to honour it’s heroes, one of their partners the UNFPA through its coordinator ………….. lamented that the blood of the murdered humanitarian workers should not go in vain. “They died for a just course. If the truth will course one to save the lives of others, then why not say the truth.” She cautioned young humanitarian workers to do their job with passion and calling while exhorting them not to aim for money for if that be the case, then they would have lost their focus of being a Humanitarian. She also used the opportunity to tell her experiences and challenges faced on the field for the young humanitarian aid workers at COMINSUD to learn and know that it is not an easy ride.

Queency Fai a WASH Officer at COMINSUD expressed the need for proper care to be taken as far as keeping hygiene and sanitation of toilets. “While doing field work, I have taken note of the sanitary conditions of toilets in the neighborhoods and proper sensitization is been done in various communities to Carter for that and the reconstruction planned by the government might tie with our objectives to construct toilets in communities.” Queency Fai intimated.

The 11th edition of the World Humanitarian day comes as the world fights the Covid-19 pandemic and to pay tributes to the efforts of Humanitarians, OCHA and it’s partners presented the personal stories of some of the real life heroes who are stepping up to meet the challenges particularly local humanitarian workers, which include refugees who as health workers are playing essential roles in the pandemic response, Ebola health workers who are stepping in to fight Covid-19 as well as doctors and nurses who continue to provide critical health care to women and children.

Tanjoh Christopher Fon, humanitarian aid worker at COMINSUD before the crisis was a Community mobilizer in a number of projects including the Moghamo local language instructor and teacher. Apart of his main task of being a teacher trainer for Moghamo, he ran the language classes in Guzang, Ajele and Awom. He was also a mobilizer for some health and vaccination campaigns in various quarters and became part of the team for the WFP with the start of the crisis.

Story, Tasi Peter

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