Shocking Revelation: ‘Amba’ Struggle Transformed Into Demonic Sect!

It has been revealed that the struggle for ‘independence’ of the virtual Republic of ‘Ambazonia’ is now an established sect for blood mongers.

Cho Ayaba, Sako Ikome, Chris Anu among others have been accused  of signing bloody pacts with renowned sects to hypnotize  youth across the North West and South West regions into  taking up  arms against their  people in the name of an ‘independence’ struggle.  A source said, the blood being spilled is used for other purposes.

Since 2019, the number of beheadings has increased. Killings have tripled. Our inside informant whose name we have only revealed as Ngong for security purposes joined the separatists  to fight in Belo, Boyo Division of the North West Region.

Ngong hinted that, this was the period the pact began manifesting its ugly face. These amba leaders are said to be permanently in need of human blood and at times human body parts our source said.

According to Ngong, it is the said pact that  has further frustrated  genuine Anglophone concerns which government is already resolving. The separatists leaders Ngong insisted, have frustrated the move for personal occult gains.

Hundreds of young people across these regions are being deceived to embrace the struggle in which , they  are being used as instruments  to drain human blood through senseless killings and other barbaric acts.

According to Ngong, Ayabo Cho has been trying to reverse the occult pact they signed but it is proving impossible.

“They went to about eight traditional doctors and a secret society abroad and the pact they took has very tough conditions. You must drink blood often. So right now if the boys stop fighting, we should be ready for shocking deaths,” he said.


Youths Beware

Attempts by  The Chronicle Times to get  all attempts get  Ayaba Cho, Anu, and Sako react to the allegations were unsuccesful. But an expert akin with such conflicts  narrated that “if this is true, then the youth are into real danger. To come out of that yoke is not easy. Especially if they stop having human blood to drink.”

Our resource person said, it is time for youth in these two regions to rethink and retreat if they value their lives.

This revelation some say  points to   arguments why majority of amba boys prefer living in bushes where life seems apparently abnormal.

This, observers say also further justifies the headstrong attitude of amba boys to drop guns especially when they have “sucked such blood”.


Revenge Of Odeshi Deity

It has also been revealed that the Odeshi powers amba boys brandished since 2018 till date now has a negative effect on them. As condition, our informant said, “one is forced to drink blood or die. We drank blood almost every week that is why in Batibo we were forced to kill people often.”

“When you drink female blood it empowers our Odeshi. We feel more energised,” Ngong said.

It should be recalled that at the onset of the crisis, Ayaba Cho, and Co convinced hundreds of youth in the North West and South West to acquire Odeshi concoctions which they claimed will prevent bullets from killing them.

“I will not advise any young boy to fight again”

Ngong, who is now doing business in Douala advised young people in these two regions not to be deceived to pick up arms again. He regretted why he fought in the first place. “At times I am not myself. That Odeshi is so evil that I feel like committing suicide when I think of what I went through.”

“One of the conditions was to kill a virgin or a woman who is menstruating. Her blood must be drunk immediately when it is still fresh. It gave us courage to behead and kill without pity,”Ngong said