To Enhance Bilingualism Practice: Musonge Commission Begins Evaluating Use Of French, English In Ministries Today

Some thirteen delegations from the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, NCPBM will as from this Monday begin touring ministries to evaluate the use of English and French languages to enhance Cameroon’s bilingualism.

According to a detailed program released by officials of the commission, the evaluation mission shall take each member to at least two ministries. The visits will last four days.

Former Minister  Ama Tutu Muna will be leading a delegation to the ministries of Defence, Territorial Administration, and Decentralization and Local Development.

George Ngwane will be at the Ministries of Finance, Economy Planning and Regional Development, and Labour & Social Security. Dr Ngambo Fongjo Pierre Vincent will evaluate bilingualism practice in the ministries of  Agriculture and Rural Development, Employment & Vocational Training, and Environment, Nature Protection &  Sustainable Development.

Prof Effoua Mbozozo will be the main man at the Ministries of Tourism & Leisure, Trade, and Relations. Former Minister of Justice, Benjamin Itoe will represent the commission at the Ministries of Justice, Higher Education, and Scientific Research & Innovation.

Former Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, David Abouem a Tchoyi will storm the ministries of Secondary Education, Basic Education, and Small and Medium Size Enterprises.

The Man of God, Rev Marie Bodo will evaluate the bilingualism roadmap covered so far at the ministries of Public Health, Communication, Social Affairs, and Culture.

Seasoned legal expert, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, is expected at the Ministries of Supreme State Audit, Transport, and Urban Development & Housing.

At the Ministries of Youth Affairs & Civic Education, General Delegation for National Security, and Public Works, the task has been assigned to  Mrs Angouing Ndanga.

Mrs Mbappe Mohamadou will be at the State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure; Mines, Industries and Technological Development, and Posts and Telecommunications Ministries respectively.

Mrs Djamabou Bakary will demonstrate her prowess at the Ministries of Water and Energy and Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries. Meanwhile, Jean Marc Afesi will take on Public Service and Administrative Reforms, and Forestry and Wildlife ministries.



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