CMF Tombel Receives PCC’s Flag Of Excellence

The Christian Men Fellowship, CMF, of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Tombel, Kupe Muanenguba division of the South West region has been handed over the Presbytery flag of excellence of the Bakossi South Presbytery.

The flag was handed during a church service at the Presbyterian Church Tombel  Sunday August 24.The  exercise  was carried out by the Presbytery President of the CMF ,Brother Ngwane Samuel.

It was done under the watchful eyes of the Presbyterial Secretary for  Bakossi South who doubles as Parish Pastor of PC Tombel  , Reverend Eyakwe Joseph Nangunda as well as the Presbytery Chairman, Elder Ngole Hans Ebong.

Preaching on the theme: ‘You cannot obtain righteousness by your effort’, and drawing inspiration from Romans 9: 30-33, the Reverend Eyakwe , cautioned worshippers against self-righteousness and said salvation cannot be bought.

The Reverend Eyakwe said, his dream has come true because of his three years as Parish Pastor of the congregation, all the groups have emerged overall first in the various rallies.

The flag was handed to the Christian Men Fellowship, CMF group of PC Tombel  after they won the first position at a recent rally of the Bakossi South Presbytery.

The flag had been in the hands of CMF Nyasoso for some time now. The CMF group of  PC Tombel  would keep the flag until the next annual rally of the Christian Men Fellowship in December 2020.

The significance of the flag is to honour groups that performed very well in the annual rallies of the Church. Church authorities say it is meant to promote the spirit of competition and create an atmosphere whereby  members will devote their time to study the Bible and actively attend group practices.

Receiving the flag, the President of the group, Brother Ntungwe Samuel, promised to keep the flag for the next five years by emerging in the overall first in all competitions.

Story, Prince Oben

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