Meme division: Senator Andrew Otte Mofa Donates Anti-COVID-19 Kits To Population

Senate Questor  Andrew  Otte Mofa has  offered some 1,500 hygienic to the population of Meme division in the South West region.

The kits comprising hand sanitizers were distributed Friday August 21 in Kumba.


Receiving the donatio on behalf of the people of Mbonge Municipality, through a Service Provider, Local Youth Corner Cameroon with its programme: ‘Youth Rapid Response to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 in Cameroon ‘ , the Mayor of the Mbonge Council, Chief Daniel Matta Mokambe, expressed gratitude and said the gesture will go a long way to fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Mbonge Municipality received 500 bottles of the hand sanitizers of the 1,500 because of its size while the other four Municipalities of Kumba I, II, III and konye, were given 1000 to partition; making each to receive 250 bottles of hand sanitizers.

According to the Mayor of Mbonge Council, he received the donation in kumba on behalf of the his population because of the bad nature of road to Mbonge which made it difficult for the senator’s envoys to travel to the municipality to hand over the consignment.

Mokambe sai , the donation from the Honourable Senator shall make it easier for the operation of one person, one bottle of hand sanitizers.

The Mayor said, the Senator as the political lead of  Mbonge and Meme division as a whole, has the people at heart and his concern for his them to be in good health so that activities can be done for the best of the interest of Cameroon.

Mokambe  called on other sons and daughters  of Mbonge and other areas  to put hands on deck and  emulate such a gestures from  Senator Otte in order to eradicate COVID-19.

Flyers which carry messages and demonstrative pictures  to educate the population, accompanied the donation from the Honourable Senator.  These messages include: ”Maintain at least 1.5 metre distance between yourself and anyone”; “wash your hands often with soap and water”; “Avoid shaking of hands and embrace”; “Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in case of no water and soap”; “Wear face mask in crowded areas and dispose carefully after a single use”; “Avoid touching your eyes, nose , mouth with unwashed hands”; “When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue”; “Stay home and stay safe if you feel the following ways: 1. Have a running nose , 2. High fever, 3. Difficulties in breathing, 4. Dry cough”.

Worthy of note is that, the outing by Senator Andrew Otte Mofa, is one of his several largesse to the people of Mbonge and Meme division.

It is on record that, since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the member of the Upper House of Parliament has donated several COVID-19 kits to the population.

He has not only limited himself to offering foodstuff of various kinds but donated other materials to the population. As if this was not enough, he has equally provided countless scholarships to children to foster their education. It is no longer news that, his philanthropic character has no bounds for he, assists anybody in need.



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