Meme Pays Last Respect To Deceased Education Delegate


The mortal remains of former divisional delegate of secondary education for Meme division, South West region, Kwo John Akwo Eyoh, has been laid to rest in his native kokubuma village in konye Sub division.

The coffining ceremony began Friday August 21, at the mortuary of the kumba District Hospital amid heavy downpour. The corpse was taken to the divisional delegation of secondary education for Meme division in Kumba were hommage was paid to the late Educationist by colleagues, friends, family members and the Bafaw tribe led by the Nfon of kumba and Paramount Ruler of the Bafaw, His Royal Majesty, Mukete IV Ekoko.

Despite the heavy rain, the population of Meme division and beyond thronged the esplanade of the divisional delegation of secondary education for Meme division to bid farewell to the deceased.

Addressing mourners, the divisional delegate of secondary education, Abunaw Aghim Obase, did a recollection of the life of his predecessor. He said the exit of Akwo Eyoh, even as a retired educationist, has dealt a shattering blow on the secondary education family in Meme division in particular, and the South West region in general.

Aghim underscored that,  late Akwo  Eyoh was  a professional icon, a mentor, a gem and above all, a veritable veteran teacher and a school administrator of exceptional class.

During a record thirty-eight year career beginning in August 1980, the late kwo John Akwo Eyoh, served the State in several  capacities and administrative jurisdictions.

kicking off in the East, then Centre-South Province , he served in CES d’Ambam and Lycee d’Ebolowa before working in GHS Nyasoso, CCAS Kumba and GSS Bamusso.

Thereafter, his quest for professional advancement took him back to the University of Yaounde, this time, upgrading him to the rank of Professeur d’Enseignement Secondaire, 2eme grade with a DIPES II certificate. He was posted once more to CCAS kumba and later on appointed Vice Principal of GTTC Kumba in 1997, an office he occupied till the year 2000.

By dint of his qualification, hard work, experience and diligence, he found favour with terminal hierarchy , resulting in his appointment as Divisional delegate of National Education for Meme division between 2000-2004.

From 2004-2005, he occupied the office of Divisional delegate of National Education for kupe Muanenguba division , and then served as Divisional delegate of Secondary Education in the same division between 2005 to 2014.

In 2014, he returned to kumba , Meme division, this time  as Divisional delegate of secondary education for Meme division until November 2, 2017, when he went on a well-desired retirement .

After his retirement, the late Akwo Eyoh, showed great interest and love for his Bafaw tradition and was in the Lifaw language project where he was the Chairman.

The project is aimed at educating the public( Bafaws and non-Bafaws) on the  Lifaw language spoken by the Bafaw tribe.

Born in 1957, the late  Akwo Eyoh  died on July 4, 2020, after a brief illness. He was a jovial fellow who smiled at everything he saw.  He would be missed by his wife, children, relatives, colleagues, the education family, friends and loved ones.

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