Fictions, Frustrations & Failures Of Amba Independence Struggle

Sako Ikome: Leader of Facebook Republic

On September 22, 2017, majority of the population of the North West and South West regions took to the streets to express certain concerns but separatists hijacked the people’s message to the regime and shortchanged it into a quest for an illusionary state called ambazonia….

This quest was further amplified on October 1st, 2017 when separatist agents of destruction across the two regions claimed their statehood will be restored., independence granted.

In all anxiety and excitement, people took to the streets and marched towards ‘freedom’.

What made matters worse was the photoshop modern state of a new country propagated by Diaspora independentists. One could see state- of-art modern cities. The road network was tempting to be a true. Beautiful airports and schools. Naming of major cities after some Anglophone fallen heroes and so on.

No one could dare convince an average Anglophone that these images were nothing short of photoshop, an illusion, produced to deceive and brainwash them.

This is how, out of ignorance, thousands of Anglophones bought the amba course and it is then that the independence dream became a do or die affair. Even the educated were trapped in this imaginary vision of a country that never was or will be.

The struggle then gained momentum. Huge sums of money were raised in what was termed My Trip To Buea, MTTB. The hundreds of millions raised ended up in private pockets as the struggle became a survival of the fittest.

Accusations and counter accusations set in. The independence hope started drowning. After waiting for so long, many started venting frustration and that was the birth of the blackleg, beheading, kidnapping and traitor era.



When it dawned on many that the so called Ambazonia independence course was a scam, sympathisers, ring leaders and fighters became frustrated.

The centre could no longer hold. People started expressing their frustrations.  Anyone who opposed or didn’t longer stand for the struggle was termed black leg.  He was condemned to death or inhuman treatment. The black leg syndrome grew as the days went by.

The amba struggle became void of popular support. People were easily tagged as black legs and their killing ordered for. It is now a junta of either you support the struggle or maintain silence forever. This is the origin of the hatred among Anglophones.


Then came the rampant kidnappings and demand for ransom. This is one of the major causes of the failed so called Ambazonia independence struggle. Amba fighters on the high instructions of their leaders abroad kidnapped Anglophones in exchange for ransom. An authoritative news outlet in the country recently published a detailed list of ransom collected by  US-based Chris Anu. He alone received over 160 million ransom. Out of frustration, amba boys kidnapped the Social Democratic Front Party chairman, Ni John FruNdi, Archbishop emeritus of Bamenda, Fontem Esua and the list is long.

Out of frustration they have desecrated tradition, burnt down schools, hospitals and chopped off fingers of several Anglophones. Out of frustration they have refused children from going to school in the two English-Speaking regions of the Cameroon from going on.  Hundreds of girls have been raped and forced to cook for Amba fighters. Any contrary step is termed traitor and she is immediately killed.

The number of Anglophones killed by amba fighters outnumbers any other Killings. The most barbaric acts have been displayed against Anglophones by Anglophones themselves.

Ayafor Florence was slaughtered in Bamenda last year. Comfort Timasam was beheaded in Muyuka weeks ago. Treasure was beheaded in Bamenda this year. These acts were carried out by Amba boys in the name of a struggle that has lost weight and steam.



It is no secret again that the amba struggle has lost its bearing. The one-time buoyant independence course has crumbled. The fictions and falsehood it was built on have been exposed. The embezzlement of My Trip To Buea funds was the first sign of failure.

Money was shared in the diaspora. There never was a trip to Africa even, talk less of Cameroon then Buea. It is reported that the number of cardiac patients of Anglophone extraction have tripled due to high hopes that have been dashed. It is now clear that the ambazonia independence struggle has failed. Social media propaganda no longer works. The one-time naïve population now says time for brainwashing is over and life must go on as usual. And in fact, it is a fit to qualify that “a struggle turned against the people can never prosper”.


Why No Nation, World Figure Supports Separatists


The modern nation state of Cameroon is plagued with a series of challenges ranging from international pressure, break away factions and ambitious parts of its territory to secede.

The zeal to press for independence remains huge. This phenomenon is largely blamed as a source of current sub regional violence and unrest experience in some countries. In fact,

Cameroon happens to be among the few faced with degree of rising violence.


Nations Against Disorder It is no hidden truth that no nation will want to side with individuals of doubtful characters and agenda. An agenda that seeks more of destruction

than development; an agenda that divides than unite; an agenda that breeds hate than love.

All these simply put, explain why till date the current armed conflict in the

North West and South West regions is yet to grab the attention of any sane

nation or world figure. And also because, no one will like to be associated to bad odour.

This is sharply against the propaganda paraded by separatist agents at home and abroad that they have the backing of renowned intellectuals and nations. The act of forcing belief has proven counter- productive. The escalating violence reached crescendo and organizations

dealing with human rights and peace have had to show sympathy than remorse. Sympathy to separatists’ actions and venting of anger on government, whatever their mission.


No world figure

It is common that public opinion build on informed brains is likely to weigh to the complaining party. This has also proven to be untrue. As the world becomes more complex and challenging, intellectuals and other world icons are busy redynamising the essence of creation.

With the ambition to make continents grow as one, it is emphatically correct to assume that no world figure of repute will appreciate to champion a course that diminishes unity and promotes hate. It is still on record that no nation and world figure ever supported violence as option to an end.

The alarming hate and violence propagated by different separatist groups only gives reason to those nations and world figures that nothing good obtains in the struggle that is struggling for relevance;

story, CAMWATCH News

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