Jubilation In Belo As Former SDF Mayor Decamps To CPDM

There is widespread celebration within the ranks of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement ,CPDM in  Belo, Boyo  division  of the North West region.

Their joy is in the recent decamping of  former  SDF 1st Deputy mayor  to the ranks of the ruling party as it would be remembered as the final straw on the camel’s back.

The former Deputy mayor and SDF firebrand took a bold step towards the right direction to join the ruling CPDM party in a ceremony of pump and pleasantry. In a highly attended ceremony in Belo chaired by the section president Ntaintain Blasius in the presence of party bigwigs, CPDM councilors, elites of Belo and militants, the section president rejuvenated the call for every son and daughter of Belo to rally behind the ruling party for the rapid growth and development of the subdivision and Cameroon as a whole.

The section president hinted that everyone is liable to join the winning party as the CPDM does not discriminate but has room for everyone to join and will be welcoming as always new comers with open arms. Present at the ceremony, Prof Mrs. Linda Yang took turn to welcome and applaud former mayor Lohyai Luc Roland to the CPDM and like a prodigal son was treated like a prince. She used pains to recall the letter which was written against Belo as a whole and exhorted the people of Belo Subdivision to at all times react positively by being united, patriotic and above all being peace crusaders as well as to reopen all schools come the 2020/2021 academic year as a sign to shun the devils behind school boycotts.

Newly elected Mayor Ngong Innocent Ankiambom of the Belo council on the CPDM ticket during the last municipal elections was applauded by the mammoth crowd who turned out for the ceremony as he proceeded to embrace former Mayor Lohyai Luc Roland. Mayor Ngong Innocent Ankiambom appreciated the party to have chosen him to stand as Mayor of the Belo council and recorded a landslide victory during the elections. “I took over an SDF council with a lot of challenges raging from poor treatment of workers, no pension scheme, low execution of projects, no school, dictatorship, low delivery of identification documents, Covid-19 just to name this few. On the question of Amba boys, I the Mayor and team are working towards the promise made to recruit ten fighters who will drop their weapons as they will be paid and due pension at old age.” Mayor Ngong Innocent elucidated. The Mayor of the Belo Council as hardworking like never before has increased the salaries by 200% to improve the living conditions of council workers as stated by President Paul Biya in the 2014 salary scale. as concerns the fight against the deadly pandemic, the Mayor ensured that medical personnel and the council team were dispatched to the field to sensitize the population about the coronavirus. Taking the opportunity to tell the good news of his works so far since being at the helm of the Belo council, Mayor Ngong Innocent said that “measures have been taken to pay pension areas of over 30million francs syphoned by my predecessors. Birth certificates will now be done free of charge as spelled out by the Head of State, since the birth certificate is a right to own and the State of Cameroon has done everything for it to be free.”  Since the production of birth certificates was very expensive in Belo, the Mayor said his predecessors intended to use it as a strategy to blackmail the policies of the Head of State, telling sorts of lies against his person which the claims were false and unfounded. Mayor Ngong Innocent made it clear that he has been collaboratively working with the divisional officer for Belo Ken Hilary to recognize over 150 chiefs in Belo.

Lohyai Luc Roland now in the rang of the CPDM party appreciated the party bigwigs and militants for the warm welcome given to him and promised to abide to the rules and regulations governing the party as well as support the growth of the party in Belo and beyond.

story, Peter Tasi

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