Author of Son Of The Native Soil, Prof. Shadrack Ambanasom, dies!

The death has been announced of the man who authored one of Cameroon’s leading literature books, Son Of The Native Soil.

Prof Ambanasom Shadrack, aged 70, died yesterday August 28th, 2020. Close family sources say, he died after a brief illness.

Prof. Ambanasom was author of several literary works published both in local and foreign journals.

Some of his past students have been paying tributes since last night to the fallen Literature icon.

He was a native of Ebang village in Ngie Subdivision,Momo division of the North West Region.


About Prof Ambanaso

Professor Shadrach Ambanasom is a native of Ebang village in Ngie sub division, Momo Division of the North West Province of Cameroon. he was born in 1950. And he did his primary education in Presbyterian Primary School, Andek and Secondary and high schools in CPC Bali and CCAST Bambili. He then went to the university of Yaounde, then later to the universities of London and Ohio where he obtained a B.A M.Ed and PhD.

Shadrach Ambanasom is currently Lecturer in the Higher Teachers Training College (ENS) Bambili. A Presbyterian Christian by faith, Ambanasom is generally a jovial person. His novel Son of The Native Soil the was was one of the prose text for the ordinary level literature was greatly inspired by the geography, history and sociology of his place whence he grew up. The setting of Son Of The Native Soil is fictionally referred to as Dudum with a sociological set up akin to that of the people of Ngie.Ambanasom, like Achamba the hero was once a high school teacher of English Literature and language. As a patriot he sets out to unite his people. However, the problems encountered by his people are not unique to his society but are universal to every other society.

Ambanasom has written extensively with some of his works like, The Radical Romantics; Antroduction, Education of the Deprived (2001) A study of our Cameroonian playwrights,(2003)and The Dregs of Humanity. Equally worthy to note are his critical analyses of Cameroonian works in journals and news papers.(this background about Prof Ambanasom is culled from Literary Arena).

The funeral program is yet to be made public.