Biya assuages plight of flood victims in Littoral, West regions

The Head  of State President Paul Biya  has reached  out to victims  of recent floods  in  Santchou in the West region and Edea and Douala in the Littoral region.

Biya’s material relief and other soothing words of comfort to the affected population were ferried through Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji.

Atanga Nji  urged the affected population in the towns of Douala, Edea and Santchou to avoid constructing in flood-prone areas, leave the risky zones, collaborate with municipal and administrative authorities to avoid another occurrence of floods.

Minister Atanga Nji  has during his two-day trip to evaluate the effects of the floods and to donate relief package from the Presidential couple, Paul and Chantal Biya been  re-echoing government’s determination to ensure the safety, security of persons and property.

“If you have to go and build in a swampy area, you should know sooner or later, that your building will be damaged either by floods or by other natural disasters. It is very important that when the local administrative authorities tell you that you should not build in a swampy area, you have to follow them because we are defending your own rights,” the minister advised.

The Minister’s visit started in Edea in the Sanaga Maritime Division where he distributed the relief package to the victims as well as evaluated rehabilitation works on the part of the highway that was almost cut off by runoff following heavy rains.

Atanga Nji then moved to Douala were he handed relief package comprising matrasses, blankets, buckets and others items to over 500 victims of the floods in the Douala V and III municipalities.

During a working session, the Minister and the City Mayor of Douala Roger Mbassa Ndine highlighted the need to improve the urban drainage system of the economic capital.

Mbassa Ndine  said the town needs at least 240 kilometres of drainage system to partially resolve the problem of floods.

Paul Atanga Nji in the company of Littoral Governor, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua, visited the affected zones notably; Makepe, Missoke and other areas of the Douala V municipality. The minister’s entourage also visited  Bilongue I, and quartier Belge in the Douala III municipality.

Atanga Nji then moved to Santchou in the West region where he comforted over 300 victims of another flood that hit the area, leaving many inhabitants stranded and almost cutting off a portion of the highway.

The population appreciated President Biya’s prompt response to the unfortunate incident. They hailed the Head of State through the voice of their Mayor, Francois Ngoubene. They also thanked  Atanga NJI , for being the first government minister to visit Santchou in the past 40 years.


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