See What Nfon Mukete III Has Done To Kumba Traders

The City  Mayor  of Kumba, Meme division South West region, Victor Nkelle Ngoh has pardoned  traders  whose  stores  were sealed  for respecting ghost towns.

Ngoh Nkelle   ordered the unsealing  of shops earlier sealed along the Commonwealth  Avenue, Kumba Main Market  and other commercial centres of the town.

The City Mayor declared the pardon at the courtyard of the Palace of the Nfon of kumba and Paramount Ruler of the Bafaw, Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko.

Hundreds of female traders  took to the streets of Kumba on Tuesday August 25, to demand the reopening  of their stores sealed a week ago by authorities of the Kumba City Council.

The stores were sealed and the traders were supposed to pay 25,000 FCFA into the coffers of the council to have their stores reopened last Monday, a  week later.

Unfortunately, the stores were not unsealed, forcing the women to seek a solution to gain access into their stores.

Under the coordination of Mrs. Augusta Eseme, a  female trader of the market, a  march was undertaken to the Palace of the Nfon of Kumba and Paramount Ruler of  the Bafaw to solicit his intervention.

At the gate of the Palace, the women were ushered in on the instruction of the Nfon. The women were told that the Nfon was not on seat but the Nfon Emeritus, Senator Victor Mukete III, was there to look into their worries.

The City Mayor, Victor Ngoh Nkelle; the Mayor of the kumba I sub divisional council, Prince Eseme Moses Esembe and  the Bafaw traditional council led by its Chair, Eseme Moses Akwo, were summoned by the Nfon Emeritus.

Within a twinkle of an eye, they were all at the Palace. The jubilation was enormous as the women cheered their arrival. Then an in-camera meeting with the Nfon Emeritus followed with the summoned officials and representatives of the female traders of the Kumba Main Market.

It was an intense meeting that lasted few hours.  The decision was taken. The City Mayor of kumba City Mayor Ngoh Nkelle and the other participants at the in-camera meeting, came out to announce the  decision.

That the Traditional Council was to lead a delegation to the market to unseal all stores locked up but on condition that the traders would not respect ghost town next Monday.  The traders saluted the decision but expressed worries over the issue of opening on Monday, citing security concerns and lack of means of transportation.

After few questions and answers and the delegation left for the market where  the Bafaw Traditional Council closed the Main Gate of the market and conducted a libation after which the gate was flung  opened for the unsealing exercise to begin.

In the market, the traders were asked to open their locks while the Chair of the Bafaw Traditional Council unsealed the stores. The traders went into frenzy praising the City Mayor for his gesture and kindness. There was the same exercise at the Commonwealth Avenue as all the stores were reopened.

A visit by this reporter on Wednesday August 26, witnessed a vibrant kumba Main Market and Commonwealth Avenue which had gone comatose for a week.

The President of the Kumba Main Market Traders’ Welfare Association, Mrs.  Mbone, expressed gratitude to the City Mayor, the landlord of the kumba main market and the Nfon Emeritus, Senator Victor Mukete III, for having the population at heart.


She prayed they would continue to collaborate for the wellbeing of the market. The debate in most street corners in kumba is whether the traders would show up on Monday to carry out their businesses and if they failed, will the Kumba City Council seal their stores again. Let’s wait and see.

story, Prince Oben

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