Atrocities In NW, SW Regions: Fresh Pressure Mounts On USA, Others To Deport Separatists Ring Leaders

Members of the Indomitable Patriots Movement have vowed to continue mounting pressure on America and other Western countries to arrest separatists ring leaders funding atrocities in the restive North West and South West regions.

The organisation and others believe these Ambazonia leaders are the ones sponsoring and ordering the brutal killings, extortions, kidnappings, looting and other atrocities in the English-Speaking regions.

They members and victims of the violent atrocities in the Anglophone regions made their resolve known in press conference they granted in Yaounde. This was on Thursday August 27.

Yvonne Njoka, the leader of the movement, told reporters that the outing is a follow-up to their August 19, 2020 protest march in front of the US Embassy in Yaounde.

During that protest, they decried the wanton killings and beheadings and called on the US government to as a friendly country repatriate all the separatist ring leaders taking cover in the country and ordering mayhem back home.

“We will follow them and their children everywhere they go in the streets of their host countries. We will ensure everyone in the neighborhoods they live know they are causing disorder back in the country,” Njoka said.

She added that the protest action to mount pressure on countries hosting the “terrorist leaders” and sponsors will not only end at the level of the US embassy but will continue in front of other embassies.

“We will continue with the protest demonstrations in front of the German, Chinese, Belgian, Norwegian, Embassies in Yaounde,” she revealed.

Njoka stated that: “We want them to be repatriated back to the country. Many of them live and work there and order for killings here why still holding Cameroonian nationality. They should be brought back to face the law. Their actions are all documented. Their social media outings are all recorded and they must face the laws of our land for ordering the destruction of our regions”.

She disclosed that it is thanks to their pressure in collaboration  with US-based Cameroonian lawyer, Emmanuel Nsahlai of the Nsahlai Law Firm that most of the atrocities  of the separatists leaders have been curbed. Barrister Nsahlai is lead counsel for the Cameroon Association of Victims of Ambazonia Terrorism, CAVAT.

She categorically stated they will stop at nothing in ensuring the “Ambazonia terrorist leaders” and sponsors are brought to book in order to ensure return to normalcy in the Anglophone regions.

One of the victims of the ongoing Ambazonia terrorist killings who miraculously survived gunshots from the terrorist narrated his tear-provoking ordeal in the hand of the separatists.

“Eight Amba boys stormed by house 24 August 2018 and forcefully took me to about 7km into the bush. They said I was a black leg. They shot me three times and left me in the pool of my blood knowing I was already dead…It was by God’s Grace that I survived,” the victim told reporters.

The victims narrated that, he was rescued a day after by a passer-by and taken to the hospital where his leg was amputated. He said he will stop at nothing in mounting pressure that will enable other foreign countries to deport separatist leaders in order to put an end to the ongoing destruction.


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