Provision Of Houses To Italia 90 Lions Squad: Seasoned Politician Takes On Biya

Bamenda-based CPDM  supporter,  Agronomist, Chief Executive Officer, CEO of the Farmers House, Pa Peter Ngufor has saluted president Paul Biya  for fulfilling his promise of providing houses to the indomitable lions squad of the 1990 world cup.

According to Ngufor, the gifts from the President of the Republic of underscores the importance that should be given to those “who through whatever they do with their God-given talents as well as personal sacrifice, bring glory to the country”.

The celebrated and award-winning Agronomist opined that the 1990 indomitable Lion team helped imprinted Cameroon as well as Africa in the books of football on the global stage.

Ngufor added that, “President Biya is a man who matches words with action. It has taken a longer time but this will certainly motivate those with talents to know the importance of hard work especially this generation of youths to be hopeful and to be a part of a legacy in their lives rather than going just for money for there is reward in hard work.” According to the Agronomist, same as the Lions squad of Italia 1990, those who have brought glory to the nation at all levels and brought back medals and most especially in Gold should be duly rewarded.

“Francoise Mbango Etone who went to the Olympics and brought back Gold medals in women’s triple jump for the nation, should be highly rewarded for the efforts she put in and brought honour to Cameroon as the national Anthem was song twice in that event for the medals she won in the competition. Instead of rewarding those who brought bronze medals which is still good, more emphasis should be on those who brought gold and well rewarded for they take the flag of the nation high as the anthem of the country is played and the whole world pays attention and listens to it,” the business man stated.

Ngufor opined that the gesture to award those who perform well and take the name of the nation to higher heights should be encouraged so that others will learn to take whatever they do seriously even without expecting a reward.


Despite the gifts coming to the players in 2020, the unfortunate passing away of Stephen Tataw who captained the indomitable Lions to that quarterfinals elimination which was the first for an African nation in a Fifa world cup.

The offer of houses been hailed by many sports lovers in the North West region. It is unfortunate that three players who took part in the Italia 1990 expedition did not live to see their hard earned gifts as they made a journey of no return. They are; Massing Benjamin, Captain Tataw and Louis Paul Mfede.

Some of the Cameroon Lions squad of 1990 team are Thomas Libiih, Omam Biyik, Bertin Ebwelle, Jules Onana, Thomas Nkono, Songo’o, Antoine Bell, Djonkep, Kunde Emmanuel and Ndip Akem Victor.

They  have either engaged themselves with coaching jobs, media consultancy or player agents while Roger Milla is Roving Ambassador. Before his demise, Stephen Tataw worked at Fecafoot and the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

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