Historic Major National Dialogue Recommendations: Gov’t Sustains Implementation Momentum

The government has given renewed impetus to ensuring that, the recommendations of the Historic Major National Dialogue are fully implemented to ensure peace returns to the North West and South West regions.

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, Thursday chaired an inaugural meeting of the committee created in March this year to follow up the implementation of the Major National Dialogue recommendations.

Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute while opening discussions in Yaounde Thursday stated that, the meeting was holding on the instructions of the President of the Republic to ensure the North West and South West regions are revived.

The gathering came one year after the historic major national dialogue. Given that far reaching recommendations were arrived at during this national come together, much in terms of implementation was expected to ensue in order to give meaning to the quest for peace.

The implementation of the dialogue recommendations has remained steady since October 2019 till now. The granting of a Special Status has come to edify and solidify the overall impact and essence of maintaining the country’s diversity in unity.


Among the actions taken this far for peace to return to the two regions are; the release of over 333 Anglophone detainees arrested in connection to the crisis, creation of a National School of Local Administration, NASLA in Buea, the institution of a Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West regions, PPRD-NW.SW among others.

Positive evaluation

These actions from government and more were reviewed as members of the Follow Up Commission of the Major National Dialogue recommendations met.

Chairing deliberations at the auditorium of the Star Building, Prime Minister, Head of Government, who is also chairman of the follow-up commission challenged members to meticulously and diligently showcase patriotism in the handling of pertinent issues related to solving the crisis in the two English-Speaking regions.

The commission also discussed ways to source funding to finance projects within the recovery plan of the two regions.

The PM underscored that: “We are gathered here today to ensure a smooth follow-up of recommendations. As the Head of State rightly declared in one of his addresses to the nation, we should up to the task and proudly espouse by our illustrious forefathers by driving relentlessly to build through deliberations of this committee an exemplary Cameroon that will be able to overcome the numerous challenges and meet the deep aspirations of the people of the North West and South West regions but also of all other components of the Republic.”

The gathering, the Head of Government stated “afford us the opportunity to take stock of actions that have already been engaged in line with recommendations formulated during the dialogue and chart a way forward. It should enable us design a roadmap for ensuring that our children in all our villages and towns in the North West and South West regions peacefully resume schools. And businessmen and women in those two regions will start their enterprises and our brothers and sisters who have become refugees and internally displaced persons go back to their villages and carry on with their regular activities again.”

Dion Ngute highlighted that, the Head of State, by deciding to create this follow-up commission, “has continued to demonstrate his profound commitment to follow through the delivery on the deep aspirations of our people; peace, prosperity and harmonious living together”.

“I dare challenge all of us to demonstrate our patriotism and our love for homeland to be relentless in investing efforts and time in this mission for posterity,” the Prime Minister reiterated.


Composition of commission

The follow-up commission is composed of people from civil society, clergy, representatives of specific government ministries, women groups and chairpersons of the eight commissions at the Major National Dialogue.

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