As Special Status Imminent: Chief Mbile Crusades Reclassification Of Chiefdoms

The  anticipated  regional election that will give  birth to the House  of Chiefs  peculiar  to the North West and South West regions  has triggered  demands  for government   to reclassify chiefdoms.

The paramount ruler of the Batangas in Ndian Division of the South West Region and former Member  of Parliament,  Chief N.N Mbile  is one of those who  has openly  pleaded with the state  to engage  in  reclassifying chiefdoms.


Mbile in a recent outing says, it is time to reclassify Chiefdoms especially in the South West and North West Regions as the rebirth of the House of Chiefs looms.

The renowned traditional ruler made the declaration over the CRTV National Radio during the flagship program, Cameroon Calling Sunday.

“20 places for the House of Chiefs and number of Chiefdoms which exist and the South West suffering very acutely, there is a need to upgrade Chiefdoms. In other regions the 1977 law has not been very well applied here. You find in other regions many first and second classes Chiefdoms because the exercise has been done and the upgrading was very satisfactory,” Chief Mbile said.

Chief Mbile cited the case of Ndian division where he said, “despite many years of numerous appeals and reminders no reclassification has taken place. Many Chiefs who are third class ought to be second class and why not first class. So, when you look at the reality on the ground and you ask yourself if the election were to be done today, how will people react”.

“Of course there will be a lot of complaints because if they follow the current nomenclature many areas will be underrepresented,” he stated but remarked  that: “ “We really hope that before the selection of the 20 to make up the South West House Of Chiefs there is need to be upgrading of Chiefdoms in the South West.”


He has pleaded with authorities that: “It is an appeal and I will say that it is an appeal to be taken seriously because it is important to give the exact picture of the Chiefdoms in the South West and the level of the house of Chiefs. It will be very frustrating especially in some areas, if the representation does not reflect the traditional strength of the communities.”


Quizzed if he will stand for election, Chief Mbile replied “I don’t think so. I will really don’t want it to look like a matter of personal ambition. I think that we should dispassionate this election which we know that it can never be a matter of everybody wanting to get in. When you look at the number of places, 20, it can never satisfy the aspirations of the hundreds of Chiefs we are. So, I will like people to be calm over this matter of who is going in, who is not going in. And let us please dispassionate the debate. Let at the end the selection be made and please let us not start any acrimony over this exercise.”

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