Kumba: Central Police Commissioner Foils Bomb Attack At Filling Station

Denizens of kumba,  Meme division, South West region have continued to shower praises on the Commissioner of the kumba Central Police Station, Wilson Elong Njumenjikang, after he succeeded in wading off an attack on a fuel station  in the  city  Friday September 4.

Sources say, Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs were placed inside a plastic bag and  dropped on top of one of the refrigerators inside the Super market of the fuel station along Buea Road by unknown persons

According to our sources, staff of the fuel station noticed the plastic bag when they approached the refrigerator to sell one of its contents to a customer. They tried to crave the indulgence of the other customers in the shop but nobody claimed ownership.

Some Police Officers who were there questioned to see the content of the plastic bag when the staff made an alarm at the frightening objects therein.


Upon verification, the police officers realised that, the contents were improvised explosive devices. Immediately, the attention of the Central Police Commissioner was drawn. The police superintendent acted promptly to avert a major catastrophe in that area. Commissioner Wilson Elong Njumenjikang swung into action and invited the specialized unit of the Rapid Intervention Battalion of the military corps.

They are reported to have arrived the crime scene to deactivated the explosives. This was effectively done and the devices taken away for thorough investigation by the defence forces.

A major disaster has been neutralized through the vigilance of the Police corps. Panicking workers of the fuel station, customers and the population  heaved a sigh of relief and saying, if not of the intelligence of the Police boss , no one knows what would have happened.

This is coming at a time when there are series of detonation of improvised explosive devices in the ongoing socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions.

The country is yet to recover from the recent seizure of a large quantity of improvised explosive devices  by Customs officials in the Far North region of the country coming in from a neighbouring country. Inhabitants of kumba say, they now move with a lot of caution mostly in public spaces.

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