Parliamentary Network For Circular Economy:  Hon Gerard Ngala Charts News Path To Economic Growth

The Member of Parliament, MP, for Nkambe Central, Donga Mantung Division of the North West region, Hon.  Gerard Ngala has set in motion a parliamentary network with a new vision to create wealth through recycling waste to preserve the environment and create jobs for youth across the country.

Ngala’s initiative known as the Parliamentary Network For Circular Economy, PANCEC has been described as an endeavour that will  open new  horizons for Cameroon’s economic growth given its  youthful population.

PANCEC was launched pursuant to law number 2014/016 of  09 September 2014  that regulates the National Assembly.


The network which also has other lawmakers on board has as mission to reinvent the parliamentary and government role in key sectors of the economy. Its priorities touch on climate change which has remains of the  highest threats  to human endeavours across the globe.



PANCEC will help to accompany persons make concrete proposals to Policy makers and the government on circular economy to regulate and organize the sector.


The circular economy according Hon.  Ngala is necessary because  the number of people living in urban areas has brought several challenges  that need to be addressed. The lawmaker cited insufficient water supply, air pollution, sanitation, complex traffic and increasingly number of solid waste.

He said, the transition will help to concert with the system of just carrying and dumping waste that has affected major towns like Douala, especially during floods.

It also envisions turning waste into resources that will be used to generate businesses, create economic opportunities, environmental and societal benefits.

“The basic Principle is to extend the cycles of the economy and create foundation based on the principle of Zero Waste to Landfills as this is consistent in playing a role in the 2030 agenda of sustainable development goals,” Hon Ngala  told reporters.


The circular economy will repurpose products by disassembling, refurbishing and reusing them.


Beyond this, Ngala says PANCEC is committed to accompanying the government in the process of effective decentralisation. This he said would be through strengthening local decentralised communities through capacity building, provision of technical materials and material assistance for the implantation of a circular economy that will help councils attain financial autonomy.

In its mode of operation, the Parliamentary Network For Circular Economy will in subsequent years present and provide opportunities to a national vision for the circular economy aligning with climate change and broaden the sustainable development agenda.


This will be achieved through trainings, exchange programs with experts, annual meeting in cohesion with the UN commission for Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs amongst others.

Many say, Hon Ngala who has stood firm in preserving the development and serenity of the Nkambe and known for his goal-getting nature is yet embarking in another feat that would open up opportunities for Cameroonians and preserve the environment for future generations.

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