Charles Ebune Named ICT Varsity Foundation Special Ambassador

Charles  Ebune,  Journalist at the state  own facility, Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV has been appointed Special Ambassador of the ICT University Foundation.

The decision was made public recently by officials of the renowned institution. “This appointment comes with all rights to speak for and on behalf of The ICT University and all its Campuses in the Developing World. This appointment takes effect on this day, August 14, 2020,” the decision read.

Who is Charles Ebune

 Ebune, 33, is a 5 time award winning Cameroonian Journalist employed by the Cameroon Radio Television since 2012. The 2013 winner of Sonnah Awards best TV presenter and the British and Canadian High commissions Good citizenship award bearer holds degrees and masters in Journalism and History from the universities of Yaoundé I and II respectively.  Peace Media Awards in their 2017 first edition, recognised Charles Ebune’s show, Globewatch as the best TV interview programme in Cameroon. An alumnus of the State Department International Visitor Leadership Programme and the Russian School of Young Media Activists, the International Monetary Fund Media Reporting Programme, Charles Ebune is the main anchor of Cameroon’s most popular international current affairs programme called globewatch with an estimated 8 million weekly viewers. The program is available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

On May 26 2015, Charles Ebune travelled to Kumba, one of the economic hubs of Cameroon, to receive an award from the Scoop Newspaper for the Most Daring 2015 Journalist Award in Cameroon. Charles  Ebune  is  also  a  Fellow  of  the  Estonian Baltic Media School  exchange  programme.

 Amongst top world leaders  interviewed by  Charles  Ebune, are  the  Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, the Former President of the Federation of International Football Association, the Former Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission of Nigeria, the American Ambassador to Cameroon, the President of the International Committee  of the Red Cross,  the Executive Director of the World Food programme, British Minister for Africa, the President of the  European Union Commission, the  Director General of the World  Trade  Organisation, the President of Ambassador to United Nations and the Special Advisor to the Saudi King, plus the President of Costa Rica.

Charles Ebune also served as the Press Assistant to the Director General of Elections Cameroon. Charles Ebune was listed in 2016 by AvanceMedia based in Ghana as one of the 50 most Influential Young Cameroonians and was recently listed by Wikipedia in his generation as a media personality in Cameroon.

He  is first journalist to sleep on the bed of Nelson Mandela for coverage in   Cameroon  since  independence  and  reunification. Ebune  is   first journalist to have received the highest number of foreign dignitaries on  set  in  Cameroon since independence and reunification; the first journalist from Cameroon to have reported from the pentagon, the youngest journalist to run a political show in central Africa. He also holds the record of the  first  journalist  to have  reported  from  the  grave  of  Jesus  in Jerusalem   from  Cameroon  since   independence   and  reunification.

 He is Cameroon’s Best Youngest Journalist 2018 Government Awards, the  Globewatch  creator has  25  documentaries  with  about 10000 reports   to  his  credit  in  8 years  of  journalism.


About ICT-U Foundation

The ICT University operates a purely US-based curriculum to provide quality ICT and Managerial Human Capacity Development specially targeted for Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia, the ICT University is a vibrant institution which aims at imposing itself as premier destination for research, innovation and training of scholars relevant for the context of developing economies. The ICT University DOES NOT only offer degrees in ICTs. Rather, the institution imparts knowledge of ICTs in all academic disciplines it offers. For example, a business administration (marketing) student at ICT University will graduate with a very strong expertise on how to build state-of-the-art e-commerce and other online business websites.

Founded in 2010, The ICT University (The American curriculum-based university serving developing nations), has multiple campuses of The ICT University Foundation, USA. All ICT University Foundation campuses are based in developing countries. The ICT University Foundation is registered and chartered in the State of Louisiana, USA (Charter Number: 40115325N). The Foundation is the funding organ of all ICT University campuses. It also funds donations of ICT equipment, E-Learning laboratories and E-Libraries for many universities based in the developing world in general and Africa in particular. The headquarter of ICT University’s African campuses is based in Cameroon. The University’s Cameroon campus is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon (Accreditation/Approval number: 02/04505/N/MINESUP/DDES/ESUP/SAC/ebm of 21st September 2012). Serving more than 15,000 students worldwide via on-site and online programs, the ICT University develops productive and relevant Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level scholars to utilize their research and training in solving the substantial problems in their countries.

With a plethora of programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, including diploma and certification programs, the ICT University offers a dynamic and flexible learning environment that inspires innovation and creativity and places emphasis on student access.
The ICT University prides itself on offering an intimate, cutting edge campus environment disposing of all resources essential for producing tomorrow’s leading ICT experts, technopreneurs, renewable energy engineers, and business managers. The university has also created collaborations, partnerships and exchange agreements with leading US, African and other international institutions that further enrich the academic, social and cultural diversity of our campus.

Our students have quite a unique experience with the set of clubs and social activities for recreational purposes and community engagement work, seminars and a whole lot of other other activities vital in ICT-U core values assimilation.
The ICT University operates within a Board of Trustees governance system.


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