Imminent Split Of MRC

There is said to be an uneasy calm within certain quarters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, party. The internal wrangling and animosity has reached crescendo as some party supporters have begun revealing details pointing to a possible mismanagement of funds the party raised abroad claiming it was for the interest of Cameroonians to fight COVID-19.

Some disgruntled MRC supporters have expressed their dissatisfaction and frustrations over what they consider as the hide and seek games of party officials in the management of the Survie Cameroon Survival Initiative, SCSI, fund.  The party is reported to have raised over 600 million FCFA within months for this initiative.

They are demanding for transparency and honesty from party hierarchy on how this money was collected and used. They are also demanding to know why the party’s top officials lied that the account had nothing to do with the MRC.

Through a spokesperson whose identity we have concealed,  the angry MRC supporters  said, “Lots of declarations have been made by the MRC National Treasurer Prof Alain Fogue and MRC representatives in Europe. Here, MRC Europe Head is saying that because he has been forbidden to manage business for 15 years by a French Court, he cannot manage the funds. And that he has nothing to do with opening of the accounts then the management of the funds related to SCSI”.

The spokesperson added that: “Based on this, A French Lawyer whose name is Martin M. issued a declaration stating that MRC doesn’t manage the SCSI funds,” adding that: “It is in reaction to that statement that we investigated further and found out revealing documents. And from the documents it is not true. If you look at the documents, you will see that it states clearly that the account number used to tell people to contribute is the same account number that this very Mr. Henri Djoko opened.”

However, our source who handed over some trustworthy bank documents clarified that: “The bank statement states very clearly that the International Bank Account Number’s name is Mouvement Pour Renaissance Cameroun and the address is the address of Mr Djoko. It means that when they issue a visa card or a payment card attached to that account, they will send it to Mr Djoko. If they issue a cheque book, they will send it to Mr. Djoko. This means that in essence, Mr Djoko is the person managing this account.”

The spokesperson of the disgruntled MRC supporters expressed shock that: “Then Mr Djoko comes and claims he does not. When you compare the advertisement prospectus concerning Survive Cameroon Survival Initiative, you will see that you have a mobile orange money number and the IBAN number for the PAL payment. This IBAN number is identical to the IBAN number of the Releve D’identite Bancaire. It is the same IBAN Number that Mr. Djoko used to ask MRC Europe to contribute. That means it is the MRC that is receiving that money and it is Henri Djoko, and also the account number in Europe is domicile in Henri Djoko’s place.”

To further debunk claims by MRC officials that the party has no link with the account one  of the party supporters told a Local Newspaper recently that: “Try to send money to that Orange or MTN money account you will see which name appears. And I can tell you if that person is an MRC militant or not. If they are hiding it, it means what they are doing is not what they are supposed to do, otherwise they will not hide it…”

The spokesperson further claimed that all attempts to get party hierarchy clarify militants on this matter have failed. “If you are saying that this has nothing to do with the MRC then why these names and logo on the account documents”.

“Mr. Christian Penda Ekoka is the President of the Management Committee of the fund, but he is not the one who opened the account and he is also not the one who manages the account. The people who are managing the account are not personnel of SCSI because in the organigram published by Mr. Penda Ekoka you will never see the name of Henri Djoko there. That is the reason why Henri Djoko himself made the public statement that he has nothing to do with the management of this SCSI money, just because he doesn’t want to appear as  a person who is managing the account, but when you go through those documents, you will realise that he is the one managing the account,” a  source revealed.

“Henri Djoko is an MRC militant and the Head of MRC in Europe. So why will he say that MRC has nothing to do with the management of this account. He is the representative of MRC in Europe where the main part of the money was lodged. They have contributed more than 1million euro,” he added.

From testimonies, the network managing the account has a direct line with top party officials, meanwhile the Management Committee set up and led by Christian Penda Ekoka is figurative.

“On 10 February 2014 Henri Djoko was prohibited from managing any form of business or organization. That is the kind of decision when you have mismanaged the company or funds(document ordering this is in our keeping)” our confidant said.


According to documents shown to us, Henri Djoko is the account owner opened under the umbrella of MRC party.

“When you look at the bank statement and what he is saying you will discover this is a lie,” our source further said.

Another source lamented why MRC party officials will engage someone banned from doing business for 15 years to run the account. The same individual furthered that the level of disappointment is alarming among CRM militants, “but they are afraid to speak; how can you take someone who has been sentenced by a court not to manage any enterprise for 15 years and you ask him to manage MRC funds like up to 1million euro. He will hold the signature of the account because he is the one who opened it. He is likely to hold the signature. If he is doing that, why is he saying he is not. If that is the case, why is it not on the organigram of SCSI” an angry top  party official questioned.


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