MRC, Kamto Advised To Stop Deceiving Cameroonians

The leader of the Reform Party, Barrister Ashu Emmanuel has advised Prof Maurice Kamto and his opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC party to stop deceiving ctitizens with unrealistic political threats.

Barrister Ashu made the observation over the weekend during the program Prime Hour on Douala-based My Media Prime Television.

According to Ashu, Kamto has no power to force President Biya out of power even if he gathers 10,000 people on the streets.”By bringing out a mammoth crowd of ten thousand people and thinking he can over throw the President is just dreaming. I want to remind this people that Cameroon has one of the most equipped and biggest Presidencies in the World,” the lawyer said.
According to the Reform Party Leader, “Cameroon even has as an anti-nuclear Villa. How do these people think they can penetrate all that and even the Congress Hall to oust the President? They are just joking”

He slammed the MRC for denying the Anglophone identify and denying the once existence of southern Cameroon.
Barrister Ashu rather praises President Biya stating that: “ Mr. Biya recognises Southern Cameroon and this can be seen from the statement he made in Buea when he paid a visit saying, it will always be remembered that Buea is the capital of Southern Cameroon”.
“Anglophones are what they are today because of federation. In this, you have the federal states and the federated states. The federal state is bigger than the federated states and it’s because of that power abuse by President Ahidjo that made him to loot everything and putting all our developmental project under the table. You can remember the Kumba- Mamfe road. How long has it taken to be constructed?,” the lawyer cum politician questioned.

The Political mind emphasized that the denial of the existence of Southern Cameroon by Prof. Maurice Kamto makes Biya far morebetter than him.
He alleged that Kamto denied seeing granting audience to the Ambazonia leaders in Canada and other parts of the world during his tour out of the country.
“If you refuse to receive your own brothers, how can you come to champion their own course. This Man doesn’t know where he is going to”, Ashu thundered.

He stated that any right thinking Anglophone Cameroonian and Cameroonians in general should stay free from the Protest of Kamto.

“Any right thinking southern Cameroonian joining Mr. Kamto is doing so at his own peril. This man doesn’t have you in heart. He wants to achieve his ambitions,” the reform party leader said.

Since the announced MRC protest, there have been different opinions as to whether Kamto can succeed in overthrowing President Biya. Most Cameroonians see it as a political bluff.

Story, Kuh Peter

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