SDF Not Prepared To Join MRC For Any Protest -Fru Ndi

SDF Not Prepared To Join MRC For Any Protest
-Fru Ndi

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, says his political party is not prepared to join Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC party, for any protest aimed at ousting President Paul Biya from his functions as President of the Republic.

Ni John Fru Ndi made the decision known during an outing on Afrique Media TV recently.

The outing followed SDF’s alleged engagement with MRC for the planned protest.

“With all due respect for Prof Kamto, he called me. Before he called me he had sent me a letter. And I thought that the letter was sent to me for us to meet, discuss and what we are doing,” Fru Ndi said after being quizzed if he is planning to support MRC in the upcoming protest.

The Chairman regretted that his letter was only published in its entity on social media.”

“When they came to me, I told him that he should discuss with the leadership of the party that I left behind; Hon Joshua Osih, the Secretary General of the party, and three others. When they discussed they proposed that I write a letter, and I wrote a simple letter to him acknowledging receipt of his letter. We highlighted that we are not disturbing him to go, he should go but I see Cameroon already collapsed and i don’t want to push it to collapse. Let Mr Biya do what he wants to do,” he said.

Fru Ndi has distance himself and SDF from the so called potest to oust Cameroon’s democratically elected leader.

“The SDF was formed to bring Cameroon together, not to scatter. But If they want to go they should be prepared to bear the consequences which the SDF for now is not prepared to join them,” he added.

Meantime, administrative authorities in the Centre and Littoral regions have banned all public gatherings.

MRC has been spotted holding concertations with briefcase political leaders in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala.

One of them is Prince Ekosso of the USDP party. None of the parties including MRC have a councillor nor parliamentary seat.

President Biya won the country’s last Presidential election with 71.28%. MRC came second with 14%.

Maurice Kamto has since then self-imposed himself as President-elect of Cameroon.

The MRC party is increasingly losing its popularity as days go by.
The country is currently preparing to hold its first regional elections come December 6th, 2020.

Story, Kuh Peter

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