Atrocities In NW, SW: Fresh Investigations Launched Against Amba Leaders In US

-investigators also give hotline for victims to report separatists excesses on population: and

Senior  investigators in the  State of Maryland, United States, US  have  launched  fresh investigations against separatists leaders over  atrocities  committed  against  the population in the North West  and South West regions.

The two investigations are said to be running parallel on the criminal and financial acts of US-based Ambazonia leaders. The officers are accompanied by senior FBI officials.

This follows repeated cases of atrocities reported to the competent authorities by victims of Ambazonia terrorism. According to the lead counsel of the association of victims of Ambazonia terrorism, CAVAT, Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai, persons are encouraged to send evidence by via the email to the chief investigator in the State of Maryland whom we gathered, is bent on seeing that, thousands of people  affected by separatists activities in the two English-Speaking regions get justice.

CAVAT in a statement said: “The FBI office charged with investigating international terrorism committed by Ambazonians is the Houston Branch.  Barrister Nsahlai has had conferences with multiple special agents on the case”.

Victims   of amba leaders excesses have been encouraged to send details through the email address with evidence to fast track the wheel of justice.

The United States currently plays host to frontline separatists such as Christopher Anu, Samuel Sako Ikome, Eric Tataw, Tapang Ivo and the list is long.

They have championed the killing of several women, youth and children across the North West and South West regions. With the current investigations, observers say, it will be an opportunity for victims of their barbaric acts to report to the investigators.


More Background

The Charity Organization Investigator for the State of Maryland, Mr. Michael Dinterman, following complaints filed against the Ambazonia Interim Government (AIG), has an open and active investigation against the AIG. The complaints against the AIG filed by Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai on behalf of victims of Ambazonia Terrorism, accuses the AIG of using a non-profit organization (“NGO”) called Ambazonia Foundation Inc. , in violation of Maryland NGO laws, to finance terrorism in Cameroon. The Complaint also alleges that the AIG is violating solicitation and disclosure laws with regards to fund raising for NGO’s. The State of Maryland thereafter opened a criminal investigation against the AIG, and the lead investigator Mr. Dinterman is open to receiving any evidence against the AIG through his email at:
In other moves initiated by the Cameroon Association of Victims of Ambazonia Terrorism (“CAVAT”),, via their lawyer Barrister Nsahlai, the FBI offices at Houston are leading the charge for criminal investigations against Ambazonians in the USA. A source at Nsahlai Law Firm said they were told that they have two departments looking into the Ambazonia file: the domestic crimes component, and the international crimes component. Any evidence of Ambazonia terrorism such as phone screen shots of their orders to commit crimes, whatsapp chat history, receipts of money sent, audios recorded, or witness testimony against Ambazonians in USA may be sent to the Houston FBI office at:
Barrister Nsahlai has unequivocally stated that his clients who are victims of Ambazonia terrorism will not rest until Ambazonians in the USA are brought to justice and go to prison, where they belong, for their crimes.
story, Tabi Paul

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