Government Intensifies Crackdown On Separatists Social Media Network

The government of Cameroon has intensified research and crackdown  on some social media networks that are being used by separatists to spread their agenda.

Fresh evidence reveals that it is these networks that the separatist are using to push for support on the international scene, the most recent being a call by the US Senate to issue a statement on the ongoing conflict I the South West and North West Regions.

Our source indicated  that most of these are Twitter handles, whatzapp and facebook that are used to reach out to international organizations and foreign governments ,and sensitize them on the light of the former British Southern Cameroon.

Some of these Twitter handles  include @TapangIvo,@MarkBareta,@GongDaniel,@EricTataw,@DanielFortung,@NzajeP,@EchiaNelson@Mokom,@EstoppeIP@Dbahtila@Innochia,@AmbaTweeterWarriors and @Nalowa1.

Cameroon Watch gathered that these Ambazonians abroad have organized themselves into many Twitter groups that tweet and tweet the atrocities allegedly committed by forces in the restive North West and South West Regions .Their social media activism and lies have caused the UN,UN Security Council ,USA ,European Union to almost believe in their version.

It is against this back drop that the government of Cameroon has redoubled efforts to make sure that the individuals behind these groups are brought to book as they have already been declared wanted in Cameroon.

By Aminateh Nkemngu

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