Okie Johnson Assists Kupe-Muanenguba Landslide Victims

Victims of the recent landslide that hit some villages in Nguti Sub division, kupe Muanenguba division of the South West region of Cameroon have received material and financial assistance to help them mitigate the effects of the disaster.

The General Manager of the Hydrocarbons Price Stabilization Fund known in its French acronym as CSPH, Okie Johnson Ndoh, came to the assistance of the victims on Saturday, September 12, 2020, in a ceremony which took place at  Ngwatta, a locality in Santchou Sub division, Menoua division of the West region, which is a neighbouring community of the affected area of Nguti Sub division. Speaking on the occasion, the representative of the General Manager of CSPH, Etuba Kelvin, brought out words of comfort from the benefactor, Okie Johnson Ndoh, to the victims. In the presence of the Divisional Officer of Nguti Sub division, Etengeneng Kevin Oben and his Counterpart of Santchou Sub division, the host community, Aliyou Mfopou, the representative of the General Manager of CSPH , told the victims to be courageous in order to overcome what has befallen them. He said, Mr. Okie Johnson Ndoh, was deeply touched by what has happened in Nguti Sub division; his Sub division of origin and that, being a human being without people is like somebody without hands. On his part, the Chairman of the Rainbow Platform that initiated the action and presented to the benefactor, Ajang Evaristus, told the beneficiaries not only to look at the gifts but their mindset of an expression of love, sympathy and  compassion and they too should reciprocate  to other persons when such disaster happens so that in solidarity they can support one another and move forward. He then presented the donations to the beneficiaries in the Ngwatta Community Hall as follows: 3,000, 000 FCFA from the main benefactor, Okie Johnson Ndoh alongside 66 bags of rice and 300,000FCFA from the Rainbow Platform, making a total of 3,300,000 FCFA. Four families that lost love ones received 100,000FCFA each; 20 persons whose houses and other properties were damaged received 50,000FCFA each; two communities, Upper and Lower Nkongho Mbo were each handed over the sum of 200,000FCFA for the improvement of their road network to be more passable and; 66 bags of rice distributed to the 11 villages with each receiving 6 bags for onward distribution to the villagers. Speaking at the event, the Honourable Member of the Parliament for kupe Muanenguba, Honourable Dr. Chief  Julius Fonge, who hails from the affected area, told the beneficiaries that, he was terrified and felt bad that a disaster of such magnitude befell his own people and would not wish it to happen to some other people .He said, immediately he got the news, he swung into action for assistance which paid off with the Government of Cameroon through the Senior Divisional Officer for kupe Muanenguba division, Jean Marie Tchakui, bringing the support of the State and equally other concerned Outfits, whom he greatly thanked for their gestures.

To the Honourable Member of Parliament, the time has come to resettle the people from the Highlands of Upper Nkongho Mbo to nearby Lowlands but says, it would not be easy given the attachment of the villagers to their ancestral sites and family properties but that  notwithstanding, that is the only solution to avert future casualties. The Divisional Officer of Nguti Sub division, Etengeneng Kevin Oben, equally used the event to inform the people of the disaster area that, plans are underway to resettle them to a safer and clustered  zones . He went down memory lane to enumerate the fact that, the area first suffered a landslide disaster in 1973 and later 2017 before the recent one of 2020. He revealed he was in contact with the department of Civil Protection in the Ministry of Territorial Administration to look into the situation. This he said, is the only option left to protect the population. Many relief assistance are expected in the days ahead with that of the Kupe Muanenguba Development and Cultural Association already echoed in which the benefactor, Okie Johnson Ndoh, is reported to have already doled out the sum of 500,000 FCFA for this mission in the days ahead.

The Rainbow Platform, the initiator of the gesture, whose Chair is Mr. Ajang Evaristus, is made up of devoted and committed CPDM Party Militants of Nguti Sub division who are out to reinforce the principles of solidarity, peaceful co-existence  and unity which are ideals cherished by the National President of the CPDM Party, His Excellency Paul Biya with representatives from all the areas of the Sub division represented in the Movement with the aim of distributing key political  positions to all areas and clans in Nguti Sub division. Those of the Platform present during the donation exercise include: its Chairman, Ajang Evaristus; Honourable Dr. Chief Julius Fonge, Member of Parliament for kupe Muanenguba; Mrs. Eyeni Patricia, Alternate Member of Parliament for kupe Muanenguba; Mr. Simon Esong, YCPDM Section President for kupe Muanenguba II Section Nguti; Mr. Esapa Patrick Enyong, President of the South West Farmers’ Cooperative Union Ltd( SOWEFCU) ; Eyabi John;Chief Ashuta Thomas  of Etabang village and; Abia Solomon. A host of Traditional Rulers from Chiefdoms of the affected areas were equally  present at the event. Receiving the gifts, the beneficiaries from Lower Mbo, Upper Nkongho and Lower Nkongho, expressed profund gratitude to Mr. Okie Johnson Ndoh, an Elite of  Nguti Sub division, for his immense support to his landslide victims. Speaking on behalf of the Chiefs , His Royal Majesty, Chief Ashuta Thomas of Etabang village, thanked the benefactor for his constant support to the people of Nguti Sub division.

He equally thanked the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, for  the appointment of Mr. Okie Johnson Ndoh, at the helm of the Hydrocarbons Price Stabilization Fund, CSPH, and enjoined the people of the Sub division in particular and kupe Muanenguba division in general, to constantly rally support behind the Head of State for more good things to come to them. At the time the Master of Ceremony, Simon Esong, adjourned the meeting, it was all joy and satisfaction for  the victims of the landslide victims.

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