Opinion: Egocentric Moves & MRC’s plot to ruin Young Cameroonians

Since 1990, in the era of the rebirth of multiparty politics in the country, different political actors have staged historic and democratic protests to either show disapproval or express frustration over specific actions taken by the Biya regime.

For wrong or right reasons some politicians have used these public display of disagreement to fuel hate and division among the people of a country. The main opposition party, SDF, has remained the only political party to have demonstrated respect and maturity on reacting to state actions they disapprove of. The case with the Cameroon Renaissance Movement is a sharp contrast.

The MRC has seen every state move, right or wrong, as an opportunity to take to the streets. It began in 2018 when MRC’s presidential election flag bearer forcefully claimed victory in an election that saw MRC beaten to humility at 14%. The party has since then declared their leader as “President Elu”. This is the title that has kept Maurice Kamto smiling jaw to jaw without considering the childish and belittling nature. After going in for the presidential election and losing, the party’s chairman, it is alleged, unanimously decided to announce the party’s boycott of the February 2020 municipal and legislative elections.

As if that was not enough, the political party still announced that the party will not go in for the December 2020 regional election. Dissenting voices within the MRC have kicked against the dictatorial practices of party officials.

Plot to ruin young Cameroonians

The current move by MRC to protest against the holding of regional elections until the Anglophone crisis is solved has been interpreted as an attempt to send more young into trouble. How can an election which is out to partly solve the crisis be called to be boycotted until the same crisis is solved?

What explains the fact that MRC is insensitive to change and evolution of time and events? That the election to re-usher the house of Chiefs and set up the pioneer regional assemblies as leeway to tackling the Anglophone be taken as advantage to plug the nation into unnecessary tension and sentiments. Since the Anglophone crisis broke out, the MRC party leader,   Maurice Kamto, has never visited an area he claims to love more than any other place. That he will want to take advantage of the sufferings of Anglophones to make political capital is abominable and alarmist. Now is not the time to use the Anglophone crisis as a bridge to political fame and sympathy.


Story, Kuh Pater



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