Kamto’s Plot To Destabilise Cameroon: Nationwide Rejection

Story, Tabi Paul

The plan of opposition politician, Maurice Kamto and his Cameron Renaissance Movement, MRC party for massive street protest tomorrow has suffered nationwide condemnation.

 Echoes from across the country’s 10 regions point to Cameroonians   being against any plot that would disturb public peace and order.

 While  many have slammed  Kamto and his MRC  for day dreaming  of any form of grass root  support, other confirm   the unpopular call  as being the product  of political  frustration.

For the past one week different groups ranging political parties, civil society, women and youth groups, traditional rulers, religious leaders ,bikers and transporters syndicates have willingly staged public manifestations to show their disapproval of all attempts by Maurice Kamto and Co’s plot to oust a democratically elected President of Cameroon.

 The move from this opposition leader has been described as a show of weakness and frustration as he failed to get to power through the ballot box in October 2018.


Supporters say protest Kamto’s idea not MRC

Some top officials of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party have aired their frustrations stating the planned protest march was never discussed at the level of the party’s constituted structures. Through their designated spokesperson who opted not to be named, they said, Kamto did not consult any member of the MRC before declaring that MRC will embark on a protest tomorrow September 22. They have distance themselves from what they consider unruly activities of their chairman, Kamto.

Kamto aides lambast Kamto’s high-handedness

Some top ranking members of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, have told The Chronicle Times in separate interviews that there was never a meeting which they agreed to organise a protest aimed at ousting Biya.

They have described the current supposed party’s decision as a scheme of three men, Maurice Kamto, Christian Penda Ekoka, and Albert Nzongang.

The duo insisted that their party is not aware of the so-called September 22nd nationwide uprising called for by the chairman of the party, Maurice Kamto.

According to these CRM party members who elected for anonyminity for fear  of  victimization, what their party urgently needs now is for their chairman to summon a long overdue national executive Committee or Directoire of the party to address several pertinent issues.

One of the disgruntled voices said: “I think Maurice Kamto has hatched out a diversionary scheme in a desperate attempt to avoid confronting serious internal party problems. How does he call for a national uprising against Paul Biya, when what he does smacks the same criticism he is piling on the Paul Biya and the regime.”

Our source revealed that, Kamto now relies and run the party with a triumvirate made up of Penda Ekoka, Abel Nzongang and Alain Fogue.

“We have not been associated and as such, we are watching everything either or television or reading on social media,” they said.

They advised that “our message nonetheless, is for Anglophones and Francophones to talk to each and chat a way forward on how to think about the future of our country in peace,” another Kamto aide declared.

Civil society Strike Kamto for plotting disorder

Over 10 civil society organisations through a press conference accused Maurice Kamto of using Cameroonians to get political fame and cause disorder.

As government tries to battle the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, a political party must not infiltrate to impose more suffering and agony on the citizens, they said.

Meantime, other five renowned society organisations have rejected the call to join the protest to oust the Yaounde regime. In a press briefing in Douala, the CSO including REDHAC of Maximilienne Ngo Mbe, CHRDA of Barrister  Agbor Balla, FIDA of Gladys Mbuya, NDH of Cyrille Bechong and ‘A Nous Le Cameroun’ of Marie Kewn agreed with the MRC leader on the need to revise the electoral code which will guarantee free and transparent poll but rejected his call for insurrection.

 They unanimously condemned all attempts by Kamto and friends to use Cameroonians as their sacrificial lamps.

Calls multiply for respect of State authority, institutions

Among other appeals which have been welcomed by Cameroonians is that of  Kamto and co to show respect and honour for constituted State authority and institutions.

Other political actors have asserted and rightly so that President of the Republic is the highest authorities of the nation and in no way for whatever reason should a citizen belittle it by attempting to unseat a leader voted by Cameroonians.

Population of Nation’s 10 regions shame Kamto

Cameroonians in all the 10 geographical regions have rather shamed Kamto for trying to oust a leader who defeated him in a free and fair election.

They see in the act as a calculated move to execute a hidden agenda masterminded from outside the country. They have accused Kamto of being a bridge used by a group of people or nation (s) to destabilise Cameroon and set in suffering.

G20 Condemns Kamto, Supporters

A group of 20 opposition parties popularly known as  G20 in a press briefing at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel over the weekend  further  condemned what they termed the “go-to-war” attitude of the MRC leader.

 They urged Kamto to immediately put an end  to his plan  escalating which might potentially be deadly for the entire nation.

While denouncing plans of the insurgency march to challenge existing republican institutions, the G20 members feared the march might lead to violent bloody confrontation between opposing fractions.

Demand  For Arrest Of Kah Walla, Alice NKom

The G20 members while calling on administrative authorities to maintain vigilance and thwart the planned protest urged them to arrest Edith Kah Walla and Barrister Alice Nkom whom they said are suspicious organisers of the insurgency.

“We urge the administrative authorities and the judiciary to take their responsibility and without delay, arrest Mrs. Alice Angele Nkom and Mrs. Kabhbang Walla Edith, as well as their possible accomplices, to bring them to justice after a thorough investigation into the source of the colossal funds they claim to be in possession of, for the purpose of waging war in Cameroon,” the G20 release read in parts.

Condemn Bishop’s Outing

The members of the political alliance also accused the Bishop of Bafang who doubles as the President of the National Episcopal Conference of inciting destabilisation in the country and urged the Pope to call him to order over his recent outing on the political situation of the country.

The Bishop had in an outing on his position on the political situation of the country criticised government’s handling of issues affecting national life and  the current electoral system.

Bikers, Traders Reject Protest Call

Commercial motorbike riders in the towns of Douala and Yaounde and the Northern regions signed separate memos and handed to administrative officials distancing themselves from any street protests.

The bikers have in unending impromptu outings expressed their support for the regime and called on Prof. Maurice Kamto to leave the country in peace.

They said starting the uprising will be easy but ending it will be difficult. This they said is their sole reason for opting for peace which to them remains the best alternative.

It was the same message that was handed by the bike riders and traders in Yaounde to the Governor of the Centre Region, Naseri Paul Bea.

The traders and riders promised not only to distance themselves from the protest action but to foil all attempts by protesters to disrupt state institutions.

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