Effective School Resumption: Reawakening Across NW, Sw

Effective School Resumption: Reawakening Across NW, SW

A rare wind of reawakening on the need to safe the future of kids  by allowing  them access to education is sweeping across the North West and South West regions as schools are  set  to resume  for the new academic  year October 5.

 Key  actors   among them separatist leaders  and activists who stood  against  children  going to school  are now  fronting  to end what had  since been described as a crime against  humanity.  Every one now affirms that, the 2020/2021 school year should make the difference with children going   back to school.

The people are now speaking as one voice, calling for parents to send their kids of school going age to school come Monday October 5.

Separatists Back School Resumption

Separatist activists Eric Tataw and Mark Bareta on Monday and Tuesday respectively issued statements calling for  all children in the crisis-hit North West and South West regions to be allowed  access to school  campuses.

Before now, the local population in communities  across the two regions had embarked on massive cleaning  of schools  to prepare for the new  school year. Many more communities are engaging in the same campaign.

The calls are unanimous and everyone now has realised the danger 

of keeping children away from school. The English sub-system of education remains the pride of the people and attempts to ruin it for the past four years have rendered the North West and South West regions redundant. It   is now a season that is about to surface for the education industry in these two regions.

 Communities For Effective School Resumption

Villages across the North West and South West regions have already begun cleaning different school campuses in preparation for a hitch free back-to-school this Monday.

 Ex-students of COTECC –Bafut, Mezam division  of the North West region have kept the school campus clean and registration is currently ongoing.

 Local NGOs, elite and other social groups including individuals have already donated learning materials to pupils and students in some parts of these regions.

The anxiety and excitement to resume classes again ahead of the new school is visible among learners whom for close to four years were deprived of the right to education. 

Separatists Declarations In  Support  of School Resumption

Front line activist, Eric Tataw Monday September 28 publicly announced that: “As part of my corporate social responsibility as a rights activist, weighing on the convictions of parents to ascertain the security guarantees of their children, I’m unapologetically asking all Ambazonia fighters and activists to join me in the crusade to allow school resumption.”

The declaration has been greeted with celebrations across communities in the North West and South West regions. Many have saluted Eric Tataw for coming to reason with reality.

Recently, amba leaders have come under attack for denying kids from going to school in the North West and South West regions.

On Tuesday September 29, another frontline activist, Mark Bareta, declared that kids should be allowed to go to school across the North West and South West regions.

“Like I have stated before, school boycott is no longer a weapon of our struggle for independence. Thus, where possible Ambazonia forces should allow education and even encourage schools going. This must be faced with the reality and subject to the security situation of each area,” Mark tweeted.

Anglophones Hail Separatists

 The Anglophone community has hailed the decision by these Diaspora amba activists to openly call for kids to go back to school. The call comes few days to the kick off of the new academic year. Most parents Municipal Updates talked to expressed delight in the change  of position  by the separatists .

It is expected that in the days ahead, other separatist leaders would issue similar declarations in order to cause kids go back to school. Education is a universal human right. Cameroon is party to several of such rights international conventions.

Since 2016, schools became ineffective in these two regions due to gun battles between amba fighters and the military. The teachers and lawyers strikes of 2016 were transformed into a political course which later paralyzed activities in some parts of the regions.

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