Two Kids Die Of Alleged Food Poisoning In Kumba

Two Kids Die Of Alleged Food Poisoning In Kumba

Story, Prince Oben

Two children from same family died September 28 from alleged  food poisoning  in Kumba, Meme division, South West region from alleged  food  poisoning.

 Two others are reported to be battling between life and dead at a health facility in the same metropolis after consuming cooked food suspected to have been poisoned.

 The bizarre incident occurred on Akale Street, Fiango, in  kumba II Sub division. A source revealed that, the two children who died are aged four and Seven gave up on their way to the hospital while the other two receiving medical attention are of  age nine and 12 years respectively.

A lady, suspected to be behind the alleged infanticide has been apprehended by the forces of law and order and is presently detained at a Police unit in Kumba. 

Suspicion is rife that, she must have poisoned food intended for her boyfriend, father of the deceased children. The boyfriend is reported to have threatened to break up his relationship with her as of way of teaching her a bitter lesson.

The boyfriend is a commercial bike rider. Unfortunately, the food was consumed by the children.  A similar case of infanticide occurred in the kosala neighbourhood in kumba II Sub division recently where some two children equally of same parents died of alleged food poisoning.

This strange incident is fast regaining stream as an entire family was almost wiped out in Mbalangi in Mbonge sub division, in the outskirts of Kumba after consuming poisoned food.

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