Bamenda II Mayor Offers Assistance To Thousands Of School Children

Bamenda  II Mayor  offers  Assistance  to Thousands of School children

Story, Tasi Peter

 The Mayor of the Bamenda II, Council, Mezam division of the North West region, Peter Chenwi, has offered  school materials  to  some  5000 children across the municipality to ensure  effective school resumption  this 2020/2021 academic year.

The occasion also saw an offer of financial assistance to persons with visual impairments. Mayor Chenwi reiterated the education is the future.

The didactic materials comprised exercise books, school bags, pens, pencils, rulers, and mathematical sets.

Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji and  the Minister  Delegate in the Ministry of External Relations  in charge of relations with the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu,  also  supported the initiative  with anti-COVID-19 materials.

Some 1000 hand sanitizers, cartons of soap, hand wash buckets and face mask were handed to the pupils and students to fight against COVID-19 , as well as toothpaste for personal hygiene.

 In the area of transportation, the mayor said the council has made available 10 taxis which will help carry students to and from school for free.

“If a parent is having difficulties in taking his/her children to school they should call the council and a taxi shall be made available for free for them to take their children to school,” the mayor said.

 The mayor also promised to give scholarships to brilliant students and also to persons with disability as a means of support to the parents. “80% of the budget of the council budget will go for education”, the Mayor said.

He announced that the readiness of ministers Paul Atanga Nji and Felix Mbayu to increase the number of taxis if  children massively return to school.

The ceremony had in attendance other dignitaries of the Bamenda II Subdivision like the  delegates for basic and secondary education. They both challenged parents to send their children to schools as well as the need for teachers to be present to teach the children.

“A few things remain good at all times and in all situations. Education is good at all times and in all situations, reasons why children must go back to school.” Norbert Wilson, divisional delegate for secondary education stated.

The DO for Bamenda II, Nicolas Nkongho, reminded the beneficiaries that there is time for everything. “There is time for war and there is time for peace and this is the time for peace in Bamenda II”, Nkongho said.

. Congratulating the students and parents who have celebrated success in the General Certificate of Examinations, GCE he said “the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, my tool to become a leader was a pen, and the tool to become a leader is a pen and not a gun”.

  The D.O went further to caution parents to send all their children to school. He said  a commission shall be delegated to go round the sub division to check on the children who are not in school, warning that and any parent who will fall victim of not sending his/her child to school shall be punished accordingly.

At the end of the day the children were all happy to have receive the gifts and promised not to disappoint the Mayor. For that reason, they kids promised to work hard in school.

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