Meme Division: Kumba I Council Curbs Urban DISORDER

Within the framework of a special keep kumba clean up exercise that took place on Thursday October 8, the kumba I sub divisional council has embarked on a vigorous campaign to clear the municipality of urban disorder that is fast characterizing public spaces .

A crack team from the kumba I sub divisional council headed by its Mayor, Prince Eseme moses Esembe , flanked by the Secretary General of the Council, was in the field to get the streets rid of these ‘shanty towns’ and put in sanity. Makeshift structures that do not comply with formalities and modalities of Council specifications were pulled down and carted away to the Council premises to prevent the owners to reinstall them as in the past. The clean up exercise comes up every first Thursday of the month but it never held last Thursday October 1, due to a lockdown imposed by Separatist Leaders across the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. During the exercise, City dwellers were seen keeping their immediate surroundings and allocated portions clean during which shops and other business places as well as offices were closed from 8 am to 12 noon. The exercise has given the municipality a facelift in tems of hygiene and sanitation.

S.G Kumba I

It is not the first time the Council is carrying out such a crackdown but each time it is done , these makeshift structures resurfaces, continuously retarding the beautification and development of the city. To the Mayor, the crackdown would be a continuous process in order to deter and prevent these structures from sprouting up again.

Story, Prince Oben

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