Military Frees Lebialem, Neutralises Dreaded ‘General’ Ayeke

Military Frees Lebialem, Neutralises Dreaded ‘General’ 


Story, Prince Oben

A military operation in the interiors of Lebialem division, South West Region to free the population from the terror of amba boys resulted Tuesday October 13 in the neutralization  of self-proclaimed  ‘General’Ayeke.

 The separatist fighter security sources told Municipal Update was neutralised in a hideout in the village of Besali, Wabane subdivision  in Lebialem division following  fierce confrontation with the military.

The confrontations, according to the Commander of the Sixth Military Base, Lieutenant Colonel Maidoang Desire, lasted for two days.

Ten persons who were taken hostage by the group known as ‘Gorilla Fighters of Lebialem’ for ransom were also liberated. Three girls who were also sexually abused by the Separatist fighters were freed and ferried to Kumba.

The military seized from their camp guns , Cartridges, ‘ odeshi’ and many over 400 ammunition. The corpse of the so-called ‘Major General’ Ayeke was later deposited at Bicec junction in Kumba for public viewing.

His fall comes twelve days after the dreaded  separatist fighter brainwashed a handful of people  in a hideout  in Lebialem  to stage  what he claims  was an independence  day celebration on October 1.

Ayeke, who died at the age of 33, served in the Cameroon military before defecting in 2018 to join the Separatist movement under the so-called ‘Field Marshall’.

 He later separated from the ‘Field Marshall’-led ‘Red Dragons  of Lebialem’  and formed his own group, the ‘Gorilla Fighters of Lebialem’.

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