After Death of ‘General Ayeke’: Military Frees Hostages, Reunite Them With Families In Kumba

Military Frees Hostages, Reunite Them  With Families  In  Kumba

Story, Prince Oben

Some 15 persons taken into captivity by Separatist fighters in Bessali, Wabane sub division, Lebialem division of the South West region, have been liberated by elements of the Sixth Military Battalion of the  Rapid Intervention Battalion,BIR  and reunited with their families.

 A ceremony to that effect took place on Thursday, October 15, at the BIR military Base in Mambanda, Kumba. It was presided over by the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for Meme division, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, in the presence of the Commander of the Sixth Military Battalion of the Rapid Intervention Battalion for the South West region, Lieutenant Colonel Maidoang Desire.

 Speaking at the ceremony, an elated SDO reassured them of the government’s  commitment to continue to protect the lives and property of the population.  

He reiterated the Head of State’s  call  for the Separatist fighters to drop their arms and get to the DDR Centres in order to be reintegrated into the society, failure of which the consequences will be grave and weighty.

While commending the efforts of Cameroon’s military in liberating the 15 persons taken hostage, the Meme divisional boss doled out financial support  to help the freed hostages overcome some challenges as they were reunited with their families.

Lieutenant Colonel Maidoang Desire, narrated how they undertook the difficult operation that led to the  liberation of the hostages from the dungeons of the Separatist fighters in Wabane sub division in which their notorious leader, the so-called Major General Ayeke, 33, was neutralized and a huge consignment of ammunition and other gadgets retrieved from the destroyed Camps of the Separatist fighters.

A representative of the various families who came to take their love ones home heaped praises on the military for their professionalism as none of the former hostages were harm.

The military operation that led to the liberation of the hostages took place for two days with the final onslaught on Tuesday morning of October 13, with the killing of the kidnap kingpin, “Major General” Ayeke .

 Most of those who were kidnapped were from the villages of Tali One and Two in Manyu division. A ransom of 1.6 million FCFA was demanded from each of them as ransom, failure of which they would  have been killed on the day of their liberation.

 Among the freed hostages were  three ladies sexually abused by the slained Separatist leader and his gang. The three are from the same family. Equally among the freed hostages was the father of the Divisional Officer of Douala V, Mr. Mathias Fombele, who said the kidnapped of his father, Pa Paul Fombele, came after that of his mother some months back. He showered praises on the military for a job well done. The freed hostages before joining their families underwent medical examination to ensure that they were in good health.

Some of them complained of losing their National Identity Card but the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division gave them the reassurance of procuring a new one soonest. In all, it was a happy ceremony at the B.I.R military Camp as the various families celebrated with their love ones.

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