Bamenda II Council Embarks On Extensive Road Maintenance

Bamenda II Council Embarks On Extensive Road Maintenance

by Tasi Peter

The Bamenda II  Council in Mezam division, North West region under the leadership of Mayor  Peter Chenewi has launched an extensive road maintenance scheme  to ease  life for commuters.

Mayor  Chenwi’s intervention has been acclaimed given that the suspension of bikes from circulation on some major streets in the town of Bamenda has affected the daily  lives of the people.

Due to that, the population spends close to 2hours  in a taxi to cover a distance of 2kilometers.

The deplorable state of the road linking Old Town to Veterinary Junction which also serves as passage way leading to the temporal site of the Bamenda II council has witnessed a facelift.

 Gravel was used to cover the potholes on the stretch to render it passable and comfortable for commuters same too as pedestrians not leaving out school  kids who also use the road daily.

According to Mayor Peter Chenwi “it wasn’t actually a project but a right for the Mayor to take charge of the assignment before the people. We were elected to serve the people and not to be served so considering the fact that we are waiting for measures to be put in place since the road is already on project but we cannot wait while the population suffers, so we went the extra mile to ensure that we do some maintenance while waiting for the project to be executed”.

 The Mayor hinted that not long from now the major projects on some roads in the city under the City Council will be  rehabilitated viz; Meta Quarters, Hospital Roundabout, Sonac Street, City Chemist and Ngen Junction.

 “While waiting we have to assist since it is back to school period, we have vehicles that are already circulating carrying children to school and back. The economic sector is not booming because of the road situation so we want to do everything possible to assist with our minimal means to assist the municipality…,” the mayor  noted.

He added that: “ What we are doing is not like we are actually doing road construction, we are just struggling to maintain the road within our periphery.”

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