Eyumojock Mayor Takes Command

Ntûfâm Jacques Ayamba Ita Takes Command At The Eyumojock Council

By Walter Wilson Nana

The local administration is firmly on the ground at the Eyumojock Subdivision in Manyu Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon. The Mayor of the bustling municipality of Eyumojock was officially installed to his functions, Friday, October 16 2020 at the Eyumojock Council Ceremonial ground. He is HRH Jacques Ayamba Ita, who doubles as the Traditional Ruler of Eyumojock Town.

The Mayor was inaugurated alongside his First Deputy, Mrs Regina Mbi and the Second Deputy, Mr Peter Akat Takang by the Senior Divisional Officer of Manyu, Mr Joseph Oum II in the presence of the Divisional Officer of Eyumojock, Mr Besinga Ely Itone and Regional Officers from the Decentralisation and Local Development Delegation.

In his installation statement, the SDO of Manyu, entreated the Mayor, his Deputies and the 23 Councillors of Eyumojock to work in unison, entrench the spirit and the government policy of decentralisation, while bringing on board all the living forces of the Eyumojock Subdivision. “You have to listen to the vibrant people of your municipality and work closely with the huge Nigerian Community that is operating in your backyard for the betterment of all,” the SDO of Manyu noted.

Joseph Oum II invited the young Mayor of Eyumojock to bring in a new twist in the management of Council Affairs, create multiple job opportunities for the youths, create an enabling environment for the farmers, the business men and women and work hand-in-glove with all the administrators across the board.

On his part, the Mayor cum Traditional Ruler has taken a firm commitment to galvanise all the energy, proposals and constructive criticisms for the growth of the Eyumojock people and all who stay in their municipality.

Eyumojock is composed of 66 villages, with 80% of the people into farming, others into petty businesses, operating between Eyumojock and the huge neighbour Nigeria, especially in the areas of fuel, cocoa and palm oil. A section of the population is into hunting and the administrators who are on the ground.

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