Agbor Balla, Elie Smith, Others Speak Out On Tumi

Reactions on Tumi’s Life, Calling and conviction in building a better Cameroon

He Is A Peace Crusader

 -Barrister Felix Agbor Balla, CEO of CHRDA

I have always admired Cardinal Tumi from a distant even before I met him. He is a true man of God and leader of the church. Cardinal Tumi speaks truth to power no matter who’s is gored. The cardinal is a peace crusader and a fighter against injustice, and respecter of divergent opinion. I have learned a lot through my interactions with him. We share similar views in advocating for a peaceful settlement of the conflict ravaging the  country. His role in finding a solution to the conflict is immense. We continue to pray for him.

He Defeated Tribalism Within The Church

Elie Smith, Communication Consultant

Cardinal Christian Tumi is an asset to both the Christian and secular segments of our country. He is honest, bold and patriotic. He is not a dogmatic person but a logical person who blends so well his theological views and secularism. That’s why, he speaks truth to power but is equally mindful of the limitations of human beings in the way they manage things. But one thing Cardinal Tumi doesn’t tinker with is the law. It explains why, he believes in Federalism, which he tells everyone who cares to listen that, the end of the Federal system, which he supported, campaign and voted. The none respect of the Pacta stunt Servanda between former Southern Cameroon’s and The Republic of Cameroon. Have said, that, he is equally shocked that even the decentralisation is not yet effective.  As he turns 90, it is important to remind Cameroonians that, our only  Cardinal has insolated himself from our country’s greatest peril, which is tribalism. It is a threat that consumes the Christians and as well as none Christians. And he fought against it within the church. Hence when he was appointed as the archbishop of Douala, He has fought against tribalism even within the Roman Catholic Church. An example is in Douala. When he was newly posted, he discovered that, in the sprawling populous neighbourhood of Newbell, there exist three parishes identified along tribal lines: New Bell Bassa, Bamileke and Ewondo. Strangely these parishes had their names which were none tribal, but tribal and regional identity politics within the church in Douala favoured identity politics. What Cardinal Christian Tumi simply did was to force the various parishes to revert back to their original names. New Bell Bamileke became Our Ladies of Seven Sorrows, New Bell Bassa became, Sacred Heart while New Bell Ewondo, became, Our Ladies of Victories. The immediate consequences of eliminating tribal name tag to the Parishes New Bell Bassa and Ewondo, was that, the number of Parishioners doubled and Sunday donations tripled.

Happy birthday to Cardinal Tumi

Man Of His Convictions

Dr John Walah Mua

Cardinal Tumi is a man of his convictions. The cardinal is someone you cannot frighten or threaten about his conviction. He believes in people expressing their opinions. Cardinal Tumi is a prelate whose opinions on political issues is taken seriously by the political class because of the integrity he has enjoyed over the years as a refined catholic priest with a large following.

As a social critic, the cardinal has persistently opined that the welfare of mankind is the essence of governance be it at the micro or macro level. Concerning the ongoing social and political crisis in the North West and South West Regions, he has not stopped criticising actors whose actions instead worsen an already bad situation. Cardinal Tumi’s heart is as huge as his stature.

He’s a credible personality in Cameroon

-Roland Akong, Journalist

He’s a credible personality in Cameroon reason why at one moment Cameroonians wanted him to be their leader, but he refused to be candidate for the opposition in a presidential election

He’s a courageous servant of God because he speaks truth to power without fear or favor. The regime in Yaounde has always been ill at ease with his stance on some topical societal issues. Many look at him as an opposition figure

By taking part in the Major National Dialogue, the Cardinal showed the world how much he loves peace and wanted things to return to normal in the war stricken NW and SW regions of Cameroon

I don’t know how Cardinals are appointed but for him to be the lone in Cameroon it speaks of his attachment to the service of God as a good keeper of souls.

Tumi Is Never Bias

Akwo Shehu Ndung, Roman Catholic

A real man of God. Not a politician as others have been thinking. Never bias in his thinking. During this period of the Anglophone crises, he is really playing a great role for peace to be maintained in this country. An outspoken man. 

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