Cardinal Tumi Most Misunderstood Cameroonian -BBC Journalist

Reactions on Tumi’s life, calling and conviction in building a better Cameroon

Most Misunderstood Cameroonian

-Ngala Killian, Journalist-BBC

Cardinal Tumi is one of the most misunderstood men in Cameroon. When he fights for justice, he is perceived as a rebel. When he says Anglophones have a marginalization problem, they say he is a separatist. But when he tries to help in resolving the Anglophone problem, he is seen as an apologist of the regime. I think this is simply a man of God, who does God’s work. The misunderstanding around him are reminiscent of how Christ was perceived.

Beacon Of Hope

Atia Tilarious, PHD(s)-Turkey

Emeritus Archbishop of Douala in Cameroon, Christian Cardinal Tumi is a beacon of hope in a society where honesty is a rare currency. He is a statesman par excellence, a man who believes in the survival of the state – united in its diversity. I have had the privilege to meet with Cardinal Tumi; first when he was a guest at a convocation ceremony in UB and in October 2018 when I went to his house to interview him on the Anglophone crisis and the way to peace. He is indeed a visionary. He is a living library. Encounters with Cardinal Tumi activate, nourish, and inspire faith and hope. I thank God for giving him long life and good health. I think if we leverage on his expertise, we will find an escape from the crises facing the nation.

Source Of Inspiration

Gwain Colbert, Civil Society Leader

As a cleric, formator and critic, Christian Cardinal Tumi has remained a source of inspiration not only for Cameroonian Catholics but for all Cameroonians. His meteoric rise to being appointed first Cardinal in the Central African zone was triumphant demonstration that given a level playing field and an impartial setting minority Anglophones would lead in virtually every sphere of life in Cameroon and beyond. Until recently, and probably because of age and the scale of barbarism arising from the escalating Anglophone conflict, he has spoken truth to power, in and out of season. A lot of Anglophones have looked up to him for direction and inspiration in much the same way they looked up to Prof Bernard Fonlon. At such a ripe age, I can only thank God for his life and appealing to God to keep him alive much longer.

True To His Oath

Charity Parchibell, Civil Society Leader

Cardinal Tumi is a great man and hope to many Cameroonians. As a Roman Catholic Christian, he is true to his oath and the doctrine of the church. 

I remember him for telling the president several truths on some issues, even before the Anglophone  crisis.

Genuine Patriot

-George Neba (social entrepreneur)

I have known Cardinal Tumi as a fervent peace crusader, an honest, frank, and bold personality who doesn’t mince words no matter the circumstance(s) and or person(s) he comes across. He is a genuine patriot that believes and loves his fatherland, and is ready to die for it.

Respectable Cardinal

-Walter Wilson Nana, Journalist- Buea

He is first of all a decent Priest. A distinguished Bishop, eloquent ArchBishop and Respectable Cardinal from Cameroon.

In all issues on and about Cameroon, he has always been on the side of consensus, national development, proponent of a Cameroonian Republic that has the interest of all and always available to serve his country. May God continue to bless him on the celebrations of his 90th birthday.

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