Kumba Terror: Abominable!

Story, Kah Patience

The Saturday October 24 massacre of innocent school children on the campus of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy on Bamileke Street-Fiango, Kumba, Meme division, South West Region has been described  as yet one abominable act of amba fighters.

 It is a horrendous and vile incident that depicts another level of inhumanity from people  who claim to be fighting for Anglophone interest on their  own.

 The  children’s only crime is that they desired to  acquire  education to guarantee  themselves  and their family a bright future; that too is part  of Cameroon’s future  which  evil-minded  gun-wielding  amba boys smoked  out in the most  painful  way the world  has never  seen.

According to reports, these learners were attending a French class when masked gunmen stormed the school campus at about 10:45 a.m. The French teacher is said to have escaped leaving behind helpless and armless learners at the mercy of God. In their show of strength, these gunmen suspected to be a detached wing of the separatist fighters fired bullets at close range on learners.

Five died on the spot. Few hours later, another victim of the attack gave up the ghost.  A seventh victim,  Munge Reme   is reported to have died  Sunday.

More than 15 of the learners are currently at the emergency wards of different health facilities across the country undergoing treatment.

The names of children who died include: Victory Camibon Ngameni,11; Anamgim Jenifer, 11; Ngemone Princess, 12; Che Telma Nchangnwi; Zakame Rema, 9; Chema Syndi and Renny Ngwane.

Those who sustained severe injuries include: Francisca Akindam, 12; Mbong Blessing, 11; Moka Juliet, 15;  Aghaind Princess, 10; Golden James, 10; Acha Christabel; Ndum Princess; Belinda Marian; Rosemary Wase; Tifu Lydia Favour; Someni Matula Ange and Efouet Therese.

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