Time To End Amba Evil: Anglophones Rise Up!

Time To End Amba Evil:

Anglophones Rise Up!

Story, Kuh Peter

The frightening massacre of  school  children  on the campus of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy,  Fiango-Kumba, Meme  division, South West region observers have said  should  cause Anglophones  in the two  English-speaking regions  to rise  up  against  Ambazonia evil  agenda.

 The Kumba incident  is one more  horror  committed  on Anglophones  by  their brothers  who  claimed  to be fighting  for them,  but have rather turned  to be feeding   on their blood. Pundits say the people   have what it takes to end the madness.

It is a matter of all English-speaking Cameroonians to stand up as one, speak as one voice and decided firmly on the future of their communities.

It is four years today since the sociopolitical unrest broke out in the North West and South West regions.  The English-speaking Cameroonian Diaspora, probably out of frustration, took advantage and hijacked the crisis and transformed it into a separatist agenda. Through illusionary images, the population back was deceived and lured into a game with no defined destiny.

This has been their main source of revenue since 2016. They claim separation is the magic wand in solving the crisis. Money making has been the order of the day. The leadership has been marred by mismanagement, embezzlement and inciting of bloody attacks on their brothers and sisters back home. Schools have become fresh targets again.

They created and funded gangs across the North West and South West regions. They specialised in kidnappings, killings and raping of Anglophones. The economy of these regions is in ruins and analysts are unanimous that   the Anglophones   must combat  the  evil  head on.

 Unfortunately, these are the category of people western powers are bent on protecting and siding with to loot Cameroon and render her helpless.

While kids of Chris Anu, Sako Ikome, Cho Ayaba and co are attending school abroad, they have deprived the poor kids back home from going to school. Through the “Amba” fighters, Chris Anu, Cho Ayaba and Samuel Sako have burnt down several educational structures in this part of the country. Hospitals have been targeted by them too.

Unfortunately, most influential nations like Switzerland which seems to be the world’s most peaceful country, is ignoring the sufferings imposed by this Cameroonian Diaspora and is working with these gangs to frustrate ongoing plans initiated by the Cameroonian authorities  for peace to return  to the North West and South West region.

Swiss-led talks are reportedly being sponsored by the Canadian government. Sources say, some Diaspora “Amba” leaders are already receiving “bribe” from the Swiss NGO, Humanitarian Dialogue, HD. They intend to use the “bribe” to buy more arms in order to cause more pain on the already suffering population.

Kumba School Attack

The attack on Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy will take a long time to be forgotten. Children who left their homes,  happy and fine, in pursuant for education came back lifeless and injured.

The names of children who died include: Victory Camibon Ngameni,11; Anamgim Jenifer, 11; Ngemone Princess, 12; CheTelmaNchangnwi; Zakame Rema, 9; Chema Syndi.  Another  victim Munge  Remy is reported to have died  Sunday in Muntengene.

Those who sustained severe injuries include: Francisca Akindam, 12; Mbong Blessing, 11; Moka Juliet, 15;  Aghaind Princess, 10; Golden James, 10; Acha Christabel; Ndum Princess; Belinda Marian; Rosemary Wase; Tifu Lydia Favour; Someni Matula Ange and Efouet Therese.

Swiss Inconsistency

How can the Swiss which claim to be a leading nation in global peace be this inconsistent on Cameroon? What interest has Swiss to mediate an internal crisis in Cameroon? Why has the Swiss been mute over atrocities of “Amba” boys? All these questions sufficiently put Swiss’ credibility on the line. Observers say it therefore implies, no meaningful lesson can be learned from them again. The power of money is believed to have overpowered the genuine quest for peace.

Canada Implicated

It  is  alleged that the Canadian government has made available huge funding for the so called Swiss-led peace talks worth over 23 billion. The Swiss NGO, Humanitarian Dialogue, HD is said to be pumping this money to “Amba” leaders like Chris Anu and Samuel Sako Ikome based on a diabolic mission to destroy the North West and South West regions.

This is also a measure to justify the usage of the funds.  But it filtered that the government of Cameroon had long rejected any semblance of Swiss-led talks. The government is currently in an advanced stage in implementing decisions of the Head of State, President Paul  Biya to   end the  crisis.

How Swiss Motivated Kumba Attack

Their protagonists are Chris Anu and Sako Ikome. These two, through Swiss’ influence have refused to back other separatist leaders calling for school resumption across the North West and South West regions. To justify their funding, they resolutely stood against school resumption.

They are currently surviving in the USA allegedly thanks to the Swiss money given to them on regular basis. Owing to this fact that they stood against children to school, added that, actions were to be taken to ensure their decision is implemented. The Kumba Attack comes to confirm their highhandedness.

No Foreign Intervention

In a recent interview, renowned cleric, His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi said Cameroonians problems are not above them to be solved. He had received a Swiss HD delegation in disguise at his Douala Residence.

Quizzed on if he was in support of external forces coming to solve Cameron’s problems, Tumi replied, “No…They don’t know the situation”.

He  rather holds they opinion that, “They (Swiss) can come as technical advisers…They can help us with ideas, but for them to create groups that will solve the problems without Cameroonians is something they cannot succeed to do. I’m convinced that they need to know every corner of the country and our cultural demands. You can’t carry us to go and solve Swiss problems. We don’t know about Swiss. Do too here.” 

He reiterated in that outing that: “Even though I have studied there, I can’t claim to know the people”.

It is reported that the Canadian Government had doled out the sum of 20 million dollars to a Swiss Non-governmental Organisation known as Swiss Humanitarian Dialogue, HD. Further reports say it is on this sum that the Swiss HD is bent on doing all it can to justify the alleged huge sponsorship from the Canadian Government.

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