Assassination Of Bakweri Chief: Hon Malomba Esembe Frowns At Killers

Assassination Of Bakweri Chief:
Hon Malomba Esembe Frowns At Killers
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The Member of Parliament for Buea Urban Constituency Hon Donald Malomba Esembe, has frowned at killers of the traditional ruler of Liwu La Malale in Buea Subdivision, Fako division of the south west region.
The traditional ruler, Chief Francis Nangoh, was killed by suspected separatist fighters last Saturday November 7 in his village palace.
Informed of this development, the MP immediately stormed the palace to console and condole with villagers.
Villagers testified that: “I was getting the signals of a house on fire. I later saw the flame. After three to five minutes we only heard the sound of a gun”.
Another villager attested that: “I never knew he was the one they were shooting.” These villagers confirmed that hundreds have escaped the village for safety elsewhere.
On the ground to assess the damages and console the few villagers left behind, the Buea Urban MP, Malomba Esembe, stated that: “This is another affluent to the sacredness of human life. To the solemnity of traditional institutions especially in Buea and to the sorrow of a people who are still mourning their children who were wickedly slain in Kumba on October 24”.
“I hereby convey my deepest sympathy to the king’s folk of our fallen chief as well as to the people of Liwu La Malale. I share in your grief. I condemn in the strongest terms this act of wickedness and called upon the prosecutor of our city to probe into the matter and ensure that justice is served. For one other life lost, is one too many,” he added.
“Above all and very importantly, I want to remind everyone of you of your responsibility to expose those in your communities who are sponsors and perpetrators of these acts of hate and wickedness. At this time, we must go beyond condemnation to active participation with administrative and judicial authorities in order to preserve the peace in our communities”, Hon Esembe urged constituents.
The assassination of Chief Francis Nangoh has attracted an outburst within the Fako and South West population condemning the act and his killer.
This is the second traditional ruler in Fako division said to have died since the outbreak of the Socio-political unrest in this part of the country.

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