NW, SW: Time For Campus Police In Schools

Time For Campus Police In Schools

Story, Tabi Paul
The recent attacks on schools in the North West and South West regions observers have said and rightly so points to the urgent need for campus police in the learning environment.
Recently, schools in Kumba and Limbe in the South West region and Kumbo in the North West Region came under terrorist attack.
In Kumba seven students of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy were killed and close to a dozen injured. At the Kulu Memorial College Limbe, students were stripped naked and filmed. In Kumbo, teachers and students were kidnapped and later released.
All these acts carried out by amba boys dehumanized the human race. It clearly shows how the children’s fundamental right to education is being constraint by a group of unscrupulous individuals passing for liberators.
With the increase in enrollment in schools across these two regions and to maintain momentum, it is indispensable to set up campus police posts in all active learning grounds to assuage security plight of learners and teachers.
It is time to set records straight by employing all mechanisms necessary to keep schools safe from amba incursion. The education of children must not be taken for granted. Their right to live and study freely must not be mistaken for another thing. The bondage of illiteracy being mounted on innocent children across the North West and South West regions by amba boys is enough to take these regions 3000 years back.
When education was never in existence. The sickening and disturbing issue in this is that, children of those who have successfully brainwashed the weak ones back in the English-speaking regions, are busy studying abroad. They are investing in the education of their kids at the detriment of many who have accepted to follow and belief in illusion and fake dreams preached by Chris Anu, Cho Ayaba, Sako Ikome and so on. Their kids are happy where they are and are laughing and mocking at the madness ongoing back in the North West and South West regions.
Their luxurious lifestyles and other expenses abroad are being borne by atrocities carried out by these young brainwashed and gun-carrying citizens.
Their funders release money based on the gravity of their terror on Anglophones. The graver the terror acts the more huge the package is. While they die behind stopping schools from going on, their sponsors abroad are busy celebrating the academic successes of their children graduating from high school and world class Universities.
It is either now or now that the attack on schools must stop. Relatives of these Diaspora separatists are schooling in Yaounde and Douala but are dishonestly making education back home a matter of hell. It is either now or never.

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