After Postgraduate Degree: PCC Bakossi South Presbyterial Secretary Offers Thanksgiving To God

After Postgraduate Degree:

PCC Bakossi South Presbyterian Secretary Offers Thanksgiving To God

 The Presbyterian Secretary for Bakossi South Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, the Rev Eyakwe Joseph Tata Nangunda has offered thanks giving to God after obtaining a postgraduate diplomat.

 Rev Eyakwe is Pastor of PC  Tombel. He recently earned   a Master’s Degree in New Testament from The Presbyterian Theological Seminary, (PTS-Kumba. 

During this service, the Dean of the Seminary, Rev Prof Mbengu David Nyiawung who presided at the occasion, in his sermon admonished the congregants to make every effort to work for peace, holiness and to strive not to fall from God’s grace.

 The Man of God said, that good things can still come out of bad times, crisis moments are not times to sleep or complain. He said, for example, Rev Eyakwe Joseph Tata Nangunda had backed home this degree because he kept on working despite the crises, braving the odds from Tombel to Kumba in the midst of the Anglophone crisis.

After the divine service, the PS of Bakossi South used the occasion to launched his 3rd publication titled, ” Making a Difference”. It  is  a compendium of 30 sermons he has preached within the 15years of his pastoral ministry.

The service brought together a cross section of the pastors from within and without the presbytery, government administrative authorities and local Christians of the Presbytery.

The day ended with a huge refreshment offered by Eyakwe’s family.

Story, Prince Oben

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